Four of the best horror movies you can watch on HBO Go right now

HBO has always been home to some of the best horror movies throughout the years. Their library of classic and modern horror films from fan favorites like The Nun to the 1979 cult classic Dracula, HBO has been consistent in serving its viewers their fix of horror.

With the current age of streaming platforms which seems to only get stronger as time goes by and with the stiff competition from streaming giant Netflix to other upcoming streaming services ramping up, the premium cable channel has to maintain the quality of their content, and so far they are holding their ground.  So here are a few of the best horror movies available on HBO that you can watch right now:

The Lost Boys

August 1987

Brothers Michael, played by Jason Patric and Sam, played by Corey Haim move to a small northern California town with their mother Lucy, played by Dianne Wiest due to financial difficulties. The town of Santa Clara is riddled with biker gangs and suspicious deaths. When told about rumors that vampires lived in the town, Sam doesn’t take it seriously until his brother starts acting out of character after meeting a beautiful girl.

Joel Schumacher presented us with teen vampirism even before Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight Saga became a thing. This is also the film where Kiefer Sutherland started to make his mark in the industry with his amazing performance as David Powers, the leader of the vampire biker gang.



August 2002

Graham Hess, a preacher played by Mel Gibson lost his faith after the tragic death of his wife in a horrific car crash. Together with his children and Merrill, his younger brother played by Joaquin Phoenix starts to discover mysterious crop circles in their fields which the preacher shrugs off, thinking that it was made by troublemakers who had nothing better to do. This changes though, as the family starts to hear strange noises with the revelation that other parts of the world are experiencing the same phenomenon. The family must now stand together to face their extraterrestrial situation and find a way to survive.

M. Night Shyamalan has been meme’d when it comes to his movies. But Signs is an outlier; with amazing performances by Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix (and even Shyamalan himself), the complexity and oddness of the film that has been a staple ingredient in his movies actually work in this one.


Happy Death Day

October 2017

A college girl goes partying and gets wasted the night before her birthday. Tree Gelbman played by Jessica Rothe wakes up the following day with a massive hangover in the dorm room of a guy she doesn’t even remember. Everything comes up to speed when the carefree girl gets mysteriously beckoned into a tunnel where she gets murdered by a mysterious person wearing a mask of the college mascot. Tree must now relive that same day over and over again until she manages to solve her own murder.


Cabin Fever

December 2003

A group of college buddies rent out an isolated cabin deep in the woods to enjoy an entire week together for spring break. When the group gets to the cabin, they are met with a man plagued with a mysterious flesh-eating virus asking for help. They freak out and burn the man alive, falling to the reservoir and infecting the water supply. The friends must now survive the infection, the angry locals and each other if they want to get out alive.

Alain Ang
Alain Ang
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