Former 2DayFm Breakfast co-host Harley Breen spills on his year in the role

He lasted only a year as the co-host of the 2DayFm Breakfast Show alongside Em Rusciano and now he’s opened up on what really went on behind the scenes.

Harley Breen announced last November that he would be quitting the breakfast show so that he could focus on his stand-up comedy career.

And he’s stuck to his word as he currently embarks on the final leg of his stand-up show ‘Flat Out Doing Nothing’ having completed shows in Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane with Sydney next on the agenda. In a recent interview, however, he was willing to talk about his time on radio.

It certainly wasn’t a smooth ride with the show not receiving very good reviews or numbers early on and they didn’t seem to improve. There were also rumours that he and co-host Em Rusciano didn’t exactly get along.

Harley Breen believed there was a “weird part” to breakfast radio saying that “when you’re in it, you think that’s all anyone is thinking about, but it’s actually all you’re thinking about” and really, no one else cares.

Breen said that his time on radio was similar to what he had expected it to be and that he had never thought of staying around for a long time as it was never “a career goal”.

In a read between the lines sort of answer to whether he and Rusciano got along, he said that “we haven’t been hanging out for spritz’s in the afternoon” following his exit from the breakfast radio show.

This response comes despite the fact that Rusciano said at the time that she was “very sad” that he was leaving the show, “We’re great mates.”

In a direct response to the rumours surrounding their relationship, Harley Breen said that whilst they didn’t spend a lot of time talking off air, “I don’t really talk to a lot of people off air.”

Despite the failed success of the show, Breen said that he still enjoyed his time as it was a great opportunity to learn a new skill “and that’s always beneficial.”

“You have to be up early in the morning and you have to be on…comment on things…it trains you to be a sharper, quicker wit.”

Harley Breen touches on his year in radio throughout his new stand-up show but don’t expect to hear any heavy gossip on celebrities.

‘Flat Out Doing Nothing’ is on at The Sydney Comedy Store May 17 to May 20.

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