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Neighbours is an Australian Soap Opera that was initially broadcast on the Seven Network in 1985. The show was later cancelled due to poor ratings but was immediately revived by the Ten Network, whom had to build replica sets as the originals were destroyed by Channel Seven. The show has the distinction of being the longest running drama on Australian television.

What’s the premise of Neighbours?

The shows main storylines revolve around the lives of the residents of Erinsborough, a fictional suburb in Melbourne, Victoria. Most of shows action primarily focuses on the residents of Ramsay Street and the nearby Lassiters Complex which contains a pub, hotel, café, police stations, lawyers’ office and a park. The story initially began with three families, the Ramsays, Robinsons and Clarkes but had evolved over the decade to include many different families and residents.

Neighbours’  most memorable moments

Neighbours has been running since 1985 and more than 8,000 episodes have aired in the show’s history.

Daphne’s Death (1988)

Daphne becomes the first character on the show to die. Her character dies in a car accident when she is on her way to her father’s funeral.

Kerry Mangel gets shot (1990)

Activist character Kerry Mangel dies trying to protect the local duck population during a 1990 episode. Kerry was the second character on the show to be killed off, following the untimely death of Daphne Clarke in 1988. The death came after a request from the actress, who had, had enough of working long days and wanted to leave the show.

Harold Bishop ‘dies’ (1991)

Loveable character Harold Bishop is swept of the rocks and mysteriously disappears, leaving behind only his glasses. He reappears five years later with amnesia, a soap opera favourite.

The Waterhole Pub blows up (1993)

The local Waterhole pub has been the subject of numerous destructive events in its history, but in 1993 the show left viewers on a cliffhanger after the pub exploded leaving popular characters Brad and Beth trapped in the basement following the blast.

Karl cheats on Susan Kennedy (1998)

The Kennedy family was known as one of the steady forces of the show, but the enduring marriage of characters Susan and Karl was shaken to its core when Karl began an affair with Sarah Beaumont. When Susan discovered the betrayal she infamously slapped him.

Steph Scully gets left at the altar (2002)

Steph Scully not only found herself jilted at the altar in her wedding to Marc Lambert, but also discovered that the groom had left her for her sister. In the middle of their vows, Marc Lambert makes eyes at Flick, played by Holly Valance, whom he’s been having an affair with. Steph’s mother Lynn Scully’s attempts at reconciling the sisters are in vain, and for good reason.

Lassiter’s fire (2004)

An arson attack on Lassiter’s complex see’s many of the resident’s favourite places, including the pub and coffee shop, burned to the ground. The fire is later revealed to have been started by the villainous Paul Robinson who returns in the episode.

Toadie and Dee drive off a cliff (2003)

Jared Rebecchi, or ‘Toady’ started his married life of with a bang after he drove off a cliff immediately after his wedding to Dee. Dee was never seen again and her body was never found, promoting rumors that she may eventually return with amnesia.

The plane crash (2005)

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the show, most of the characters of Ramsay Street were put on a plane by Paul Robinson, who was jetting them off to celebrate 20 years of the Lassiters complex. Unfortunately things ended poorly when the plane crashed, killing most of Harold’s family. Harold blamed Paul for the crash.

Harold Bishop tries to kill Paul Robinson (2005)

Harold blames the death of his family on Paul and so goes over to his house to get rid of him. He strangles him but Paul survives and Harold later confesses – Paul forgives him.

Toadie’s third wedding disaster (2013)

Unlucky in love Toadie’s third wedding to Sonya Mitchell ended in tragedy after a gas canister exploded at the wedding, resulting in the death of two guests.

The Erinsborough Tornado (2014)

In 2014 a tornado ripped through Erinsborough destroying much of the local environment and leaving Lou Carpentor trapped – Susan Kennedy saves his life with the guidance of Dr Karl Kennedy.

Paul Robinson’s amputation

Paul Robinson falls off a cliff and ends up getting his leg amputated, forcing him to walk with a limp for a long time. His amputated leg sometimes switched sides!

Bouncer the dog’s dream sequence

Local Ramsay Street dog, Bouncer, got his very own dream sequence in which he ran away with his one true love, Rosie, the dog next door. The two get married and frolick around in Bouncer’s dreams.

Paul has a lot of children he didn’t know about

Over the course of the series Paul Robinson discovers that he has no less than seven children that he did not previously know about, one of which turned out to be an evil triplet that hated Paul.

Susan’s amnesia

Susan Kennedy loses thirty years of her life after slipping on spilt milk and hitting her head. For a time she thought she was sixteen although her memories eventually come back when she renews her vows with Dr Karl Kennedy.

Kate Ramsay gets shot

In 2004 following the fire at Lassiter’s complex, Paul Robinson killed eyewitness Gus Cleary. This comes back to haunt him many years later when Gus’s brother Victor shoots Paul’s niece on her engagement day in retaliation.

Madge returns from the dead

Madge and Harold Bishop’s love story pre-dated the start of the shop, with the pairs relationship lasting many years before Madge eventually succumbed to pancreatic cancer. Several decades later the character returned from the dead in the form of a hallucination which caused Harold to crash his car.

Karl and Susan get remarried

After Karl cheats on Susan for a second time with Izzy Hoyland it seems like their relationship is done and dusted but after Izzy and Karl broke up following the miscarriage of a baby that turns out not to be his, and Susan’s second husband Alex Kinski’s death, the couple rekindle their relationship and eventually get remarried on the Thames.

Who is in the cast?

he show has a number of new characters and cast members including Dipi, Kirsha and Yashvi Rebecchi, Harlow Robinson and Hendrix Greyson and Roxy Willis.

The show has had a number of cast members who have gone on to be internationally famous over the years. Some notable previous cast members include:

Kylie Minogue, who played Charlene Mitchell a feisty tomboy who eventually marries Scott Robinson, Russel Crowe who appeared in four episodes in 1987, singer Natalie Imbruglia, Jesse Spencer, Holly Valance, Delta Goodrem, Liam Hemsworth and breakout star Margot Robbie.

Controversies surrounding Neighbours

The popular soap opera has been around for more than 30 years and as a result has courted some controversy in its time. Recent scandals include a cast member who was fired for being high on set and regularly hung-over, viewer criticism over lack of diversity on the show and potential cancellation rumours.

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