Evan & Sunny Oshan talk about helping dogs with their Health Harness

Evan & Sunny Oshan are the founders of Frenchiestore, a leading online retailer of pet accessories for dog health, safety and style. They are particularly focused on improving awareness and health outcomes for dogs suffering from Brachycephalic airway obstructive syndrome (BOAS) and this had led to the development of their unique Health Harness.

They answered some questions about their business and its goals.

What’s the story behind Frenchiestore and what are the company’s goals?

Our brand evolved over time to what it is today. When we first started we created and produced blankets, mugs, beach towels totes leggings, baby items, stationary etc. We always offered organic dog accessories in order to minimize skin allergies; pyjamas, hoodies and cotton lead sets.

After going through a few health scares with our own dog our main focus shifted to health conscious products for dogs. Safety is a large aspect of our brand as well as health and functionality.

Our goals are to continue to bring awareness of brachycephalic breeds as well as the dangers in dog accessories made with plastic. All of our dog accessories are proudly made with the highest grade and safest materials available. We want to continue to evolve, invent and supply the safest and best products for the pet community for years to come.

What gave you the inspiration to design the Health Harness?

Our dog Bluenjy was diagnosed with BOAS and needed a surgery. After the surgery we struggled to find a harness that suited his needs and that we felt gave us peace of mind. Researching everything about this condition and how little awareness it has, we were sure other people were in the same position as we were.

We started engineering our Health Harness and since releasing it to the public we are proud to say it helped countless dogs in the same circumstances and others.

How does the Health Harness work to make walks easier for dogs with BOAS?

The Health Harness is designed with dual D rings and is made unlike any other harness on the market. The front D ring attachment is placed in the neck (same placement a traditional collar would have).

The D ring in the front provides a safe no choke, no pull walk and is ideal for dogs with BOAS and various other health and dominance issues.  The D ring in the back is ideal for play dates, casual walks, potty time etc.

Having both options is crucial in creating the bond and leadership between you and your pooch as well as supporting the health and well-being of your best friend.

What other kinds of dog can benefit from the use of the Health Harness?

The front D ring makes it ideal for training dogs that like to pull, along with those that have aggression and dominance issues. It is equally effective for canines with arthritis, mobility problems, and dogs receiving water therapy.

Additionally it is beneficial for dogs with intervertebral disk disease (IVDD), those with a prior neck, back or spine injury, and blind or vision deficit canines that need guidance.

The Health Harness is widely used by rescue organizations, who foster dogs with many health- related concerns, as well as by breeders. In addition to the benefits discussed above, breeders often use the front D ring for their pregnant dogs in order to alleviate any pressure to the abdomen that a traditional harness may cause.

It is important to mention we have a variety of sizes ranging from S to XXL and we can accommodate many different breeds.

What other products does Frenchiestore offer for dog safety and style?

The Frenchiestore offers a variety of products designed for pet safety and style, with an emphasis on organic materials. We know a lot of dogs experience irritation allergies and rashes. We hand pick every organic fabric used. Our hoodies and pyjamas are completely hypoallergenic fabrics that will minimize symptoms. When the season is changing we routinely recommend our customers to take their dog out with our set of PJs, they are lightweight, comfy and most importantly will protect your dog from developing allergies if they rub on grass.

We offer hypoallergenic hoodies that are perfect for cold weather. Our hoodies pair with our Health Harness perfectly. With our harnesses you can easily attach the leash to the back through the hoodie slate or the front D ring just above the hoodie front zipper.

We offer cooling bandanas to keep your dog from overheating. When a breed that already has breathing issues gets overworked the airways can flame up causing obstruction and can be life threatening.  This is why we offer the latest technology in our cooling off bandanas. Our bandanas will stay cool for hours preventing a possible heat stroke/death.

What has your proudest achievement with Frenchiestore been so far?

Our proudest achievement has been developing our Health Harness and seeing pictures on our feed on a regular basis showing how our harness helps them during their daily life.  Seeing different dogs wearing them during physical therapy, water therapy or even just a person guiding a blind dog with our harness makes us the most proud.

What’s coming up in the future for your business?

We are excited to enhance our products and develop new revolutionary health conscience products that will help many dogs around the world. We want to continue to evolve, invent and supply the safest and best products for the pet community for years to come.

Thank you Evan and Sunny for sharing your thoughts with us!
You can follow up with Evan and Sunny Oshan at https://frenchiestore.net

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