Employee training: Advantages of using new technologies in training and development

Your team of employees is your company; the part of it that matters, at least. If you replaced your logo, your company’s name and more, it would still be the same company tomorrow. However, if you replaced every single staff member, everything would change. Your workflow would change. The interpersonal relationships and work environment would change. Even the relationship between your company and your clients would change for good.

Now, training your employees is the process that determines how they behave professionally and how they handle various tasks put in front of them. Here’s how all of this can be made better with the use of new technologies in the training and development of your staff.

1. Simulations

One of the biggest problems with conventional training is that it doesn’t put trainees in realistic workplace environments. If it did, the conditions would be controlled. The biggest problem with this lies in the fact that mistakes cost your company dearly and in these controlled conditions, your employees wouldn’t even find themselves in situations where they can actually make mistakes. Why is this so bad? Well, because it halts their growth. If mistakes have no consequences (because consequences would be too expensive), how are your employees going to motivate themselves not to repeat the mistake? This is where simulations help immensely.

2. Higher job satisfaction and morale for employees

In order to make a mutually-beneficial employee-employer relationship, you need to ensure that everyone gets something from the relationship. Employee training benefits people on your staff multi-fold, which is why it’s such an excellent motivator.

For starters, you need to understand that not all of your employees will stay with you forever. Sure, you can’t start with the thought that they’re going to leave but you shouldn’t set unrealistic expectations either. Once they decide to leave, that one extra skill will look great on their future resume. This means that they’re getting a tremendous amount of value from the process.

Second, your employees often wonder whether or not you have faith in their ability and responsibility. By training them, you’re directly investing resources into improving their skills. You’re teaching them computer and software skills, communications, customer service and work ethics skills and rules. This way, you’re clearly showing that you intend to keep them and rely on them in the long run.

3. A higher level of workplace safety

The next thing worth taking into consideration is the level of workplace safety that comes from proper staff training. You see, work safety training becomes a lot more complicated when new tools and technologies are introduced into the workplace. Fortunately, every new method, tool and idea, usually comes together with a new didactic technique. Keep in mind that with every purchase of a new piece of equipment, you are required to train a person or a group of people in your employ. Without it, you can consider it to be just a dead asset.

With the help of instructional videos, the majority of learning materials can become available on-demand. This means that it will be fairly easy for anyone to refresh their knowledge in a certain area. This is particularly great for substitute people, those who are there to step in because the primary user of the equipment is on a leave.

4. Grooming for leadership

Hiring leaders is both complex and unreliable. First of all, a person with managerial skills and experience is incredibly expensive to hire and employ. Even with this, there’s no guarantee that they will be a good fit for your enterprise. On the other hand, if you were to choose a single person from your own company and groom them for the position of leadership, this would be a lot more reliable.

This is also great for overall morale and talent retention. First of all, it’s motivating to see one of your peers risen from rank and file to the position of leadership. It creates the impression of a meritocratic organization where hard-working responsible employees rewarded for their work. Also, the use of high-tech in management ensures that your staff members are always competitive with their peers in other enterprises.

5. Interactive, accessible learning materials

One of the best ways to train your staff with the help of technology is to give them access to all sorts of interactive learning materials. In the past, textbooks were the primary source of information and a primary educational tool. Nowadays, there a much greater diversity of learning materials. For instance, webinars, podcasts, interactive modules and YouTube videos can all be used for education. Most importantly, each of these tools has options, variations and offers a new approach to the situation as a whole.

Keep in mind that there are four different styles of learning. There are visual learners, auditory learners, reading/writing learners and kinesthetic learners. Despite the fact that visual learners are, by far, the largest group, the majority of learning methods in the past revolved around reading/writing. Today, there is an abundance of instructional videos, infographics, audiobooks and other learning materials. They are supposed to provide your staff with their preferred learning method, thus boosting the productivity of this learning material.

In conclusion

In the end, the relationship between technological advancement and employee training is not easy to explain. This is because it goes both ways. On the one hand, with each new technology, there’s more than your employees need to learn. However, new technological developments, especially in the field of software, tend to improve learning methods, tools and techniques by quite a bit. If you plan to run a successful enterprise in 2021 and onwards, this is a problem that you’ll have to learn how to deal with. Fortunately, with more options, you get more ways to customize your training and development process.

Zac Walker is in his late twentieth. He is a part-time writer, loves writing and is happy about sharing his enthusiasm with everyone in the world through his posts.
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