Elsa Pataky talks about raising children with Chris Hemsworth

Arguably one of the cutest, most loved-up and family oriented famous couples are Chris Hemsworth (39) and Elsa Pataky (42). In case you have forgotten how insanely cute of a couple they are, here is an Instagram post Elsa uploaded around Christmas.


The Thor actor and Tidelands actress got married in 2010 and have three children together. The couple welcomed their first child, India Rose in 2012, and two years later Elsa gave birth to twin boys Sasha and Tristan.

The couple, who gave up the fast paced Hollywood to set up home in Byron Bay, appear to have the perfect life. However, this has not come without some compromises.

Spanish actress and producer, Pataky opens up about balancing work and family life, and about her decision to focus on raising her kids.

“I wanted to focus on my children because I had already worked a lot,” The mother of three said she decided to put her career on the back burner in favour of being a full time mum.

Pataky claims that “My husband was starting his career; it was his moment, and I wanted him to take advantage to work more. We decided if we had children, I wanted to stay with them and enjoy them to the fullest”. Pataky has made it clear that she didn’t want to make her husband choose between having a career and having a family.

Whilst many may criticise Pataky for giving up her work to allow her husband to continue, the actress is quick to say that it “was my decision. It can be managed perfectly, as we see women do nowadays.”

The mother of three clearly has no regrets and appears to be incredibly happy raising her kids. Her Instagram is full of adorable pictures, like this:


Although the famous couple’s three children are growing up with wealth, and with their parents in the limelight, both Hemsworth and Pataky want to make sure their children are grounded. “Above all, I try to teach my children to respect each other – to share – since they are lucky to have it all and are very privileged”

Pataky has also made it known that she wants to instill generosity and humility in her children, stating, “I want them to value it and be generous with people who don’t have that luck.”

The actress goes on to talk about how she wants to create as normal of a life as possible for her three kids. “they think their parents are like the other parents, and that’s what I think they have to think all their lives,”. Pataky goes on to say “That their parents maybe appear in movies or on TV every once in a while, and for them it’s the most normal thing in the world.”.

It appears that despite their famous parents, Thor actor Hemsworth and Pataky’s children have a fairly normal upbringing.


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