Easy carpet cleaning tips and tricks from experts

The life of a carpet and the quality of service it offers will depend on care and maintenance. This means how well you protect it from dirt and the steps you take to clean the carpet. When it is properly maintained, it will double its lifespan.

Here are tips from professionals offering to keep your carpet clean and free from dirt at all times.

Keep the dirt away

Keeping a carpet clean does not have to involve actual removal of dirt. Work to prevent dirt from landing on your carpet. This can be done through several innovative ways.

  • Use a mat at the door- the mat is used to collect stone pebbles and other solid material before it finds its way into your carpet. The mats are made of course material that can scrape the soil or pebbles off your feet. It should be used in the entrance ways so users of the house can utilise it.
  • Remove shoes when indoors- keep shoes off the carpet. Though you might place a mat at the door, it is impossible to capture all the dirt from the shoes and achieve clean shoes. By removing shoes while indoors, you eliminate 99% chances of any soil pebbles from finding their way on to the carpet.
  • PVC on high traffic areas- even with a mat at the entrance and removing shoes, the possibility of dirt and pebbles is still high depending on traffic. Placement of PVC on high traffic areas helps to capture dirt and makes your room easier to clean.

The measures are taken to keep dirt off the carpet depending on individual spaces. There are instances where people cannot be forced to remove shoes. In other cases, the addition of PVC would damage the image of your floor. Choose the option that best fits your case.

Deal with stains first

Cleaning a carpet is easy and fast when there are no stains involved. However, the situation gets complicated when stains appear because they could damage it and spread to other areas.

Experts advise you to first deal with the stains before cleaning the rest of your carpet. Here is the approach given to stains:

  • Act fast- work on stains as soon as they appear on the carpet. They will not have stuck which makes them easier to remove. When allowed to remain on the carpet, the stains may become permanent, causing irreversible damage. Further, stains that are stuck prove difficult to scrub. This will cause damage to the fibre.
  • Right procedure- use recommended procedures during removal. They include cleaning inwards and not scrubbing the area with force. The user manual contains directions on how to clean different types of stains depending on the type of carpet.
  • Proper equipment and substances- use the right vacuum cleaner and detergent or bleach when cleaning stains. The choice depends on availability and the type of stains you are dealing with. For instance, water-based paint cannot be removed using the same procedure and substances as oil-based paint.

Cleaning stains alongside the entire carpet are likely to cause the stain to spread to other areas. This will damage your entire carpet. Invite a professional to remove the stain if it proves problematic.

However, the user manual contains all the information you need for stain removal on it.

Deal with the dirt

Keeping a carpet clean should not be considered as an occasional event. It should be part of your routine. Deal with the dirt as often and as soon as possible to ensure that it does not pile up and damage the fibre. There are several ways to deal with dirt early before it damages your carpet.

  • Vacuum it- do not wait for months before vacuuming your carpet. Small particles of dirt and pebbles will combine to get stuck within the fibre. Regular vacuuming helps to remove fine dirt before it damages the fibre of your carpet.
  • Clear your bag and filter- use a clean vacuum whenever you are working on the carpet. The dirt that is stuck in filters and dust bags is likely to affect the efficiency of your equipment. With an efficient vacuum, your carpet will remain clean.

Regular cleaning of the carpet will help it maintain quality and integrity. Frequent cleaning means that you will have an easy time when conducting general cleaning and will also maintain the quality.

Use pro carpet cleaners

Carpet cleaning is a profession with companies and freelancers specialising in the art. They have proper equipment and skills to keep your carpet clean and of high quality throughout.

Here are secrets to getting pro cleaners:

  • Proper equipment- ensure that the cleaner has the right equipment for your type of carpet. This includes a vacuum cleaner with the recommended brushes and calibration.
  • Physical bids- do not take bids over the phone. Physical bids enable you to evaluate the package on offer to ensure that you get value for the money through the right equipment and substances.
  • Beware of discounts- discounts are good but could be hiding weaknesses beneath. Take them cautiously to avoid compromising on the quality of service in search of a lower price.
  • Pay for quality- reliable cleaners will charge a reasonable amount for their services. Invest in a good cleaner to keep it in top shape.

Flooring expert who suggest flooring trends for 2018, recommends regular maintenance to keep it in top condition.

This will also reduce the overall maintenance cost and prolong the lifespan of your carpet. Allow professionals to take care of your carpet and invest in its maintenance to avoid long-term disappointment.

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