5 Best Dog Grooming in Sunshine Coast

Looking for Best Dog Grooming in Sunshine Coast? Here is a list of theĀ top Dog Grooming in Sunshine Coast offering services like:

Full Body Clip, Trim, Nails Clipped/Paint, Anal Glands, Blueberry Facial, Coat Treatments, Hydro-Bath, Blow-Dry, Ears Cleaned, Tidy Up, Bath, Dog Cologne, Body Brush, Towel Dry & Cat Grooming, Colours, De-Shed, Tidy of Sanitary Areas, Feet & Tail, Luxurious Spa, Shampoo, Conditioner, Deep Massage, Removing All Traces of Sand, Dirt, and Excess Oil without Stripping Their Natural Oils from their Body, Eyes Clean, Hair Between Pads Clipped, and Finish Clip/Ultimate Breed Clip.

The top Dog Grooming in Sunshine CoastĀ are:

  1. SUNSHINE COAST PET GROOMING ā€“ calm and gentle environment for pet care
  2. LIMELIGHT PET SALON ā€“ specializes in character and breed-specific cuts
  3. VANITY FUR DOG SALON ā€“ 24-hour dog salon service and grooms dogs with organic products



Dog Grooming in Sunshine CoastWebsite: www.dog-groomers.com.au

Phone: 0498 056 423

Address: 22 Rene Street, Noosaville, Sunshine Coast, QLD 4566

SUNSHINE COAST PET GROOMING is a salon intended for your pet. Your fur baby would be relaxed and taken care of. The grooming station only uses the finest products that are proven safe for dogs. This is conducted in a calm and pet-friendly environment. The result is, the pet leaves refreshed and looking good. Their services include body clip, trim, blueberry facial, coal treatments, and tidy face, feet and various parts of the body. There are a lot more on the list that guarantees your dogā€™s gentle grooming.


Dog Grooming in Sunshine CoastWebsite: www.facebook.com

Phone: 0404 241 776

Address: 5 Lutana Street, Buddina, Sunshine Coast, QLD 4575

LIMELIGHT PET SALON was founded in 2010 on the Sunny Coast of Queensland. They initially started as a mobile salon. Then eventually settled in the Paradise Centre with neighbouring establishment the Kawana Shopping world. The grooming salon vows to not just clean your dogs. They also deliver a holistic pet experience to every pet. Contrary to other dog grooming and hydrobath centres, Limelight treats each of its customers uniquely. The dog grooming shop specializes in breed-specific, character, and personalized breed cuts. Varied looks can be viewed at their style album.


Dog Grooming in Sunshine CoastWebsite: www.book.vanityfurdogsalon.com.au

Phone: 0431 209 707

Address: 69-89 Attenuata Drive, Brightwater Marketplace, Mountain Creek, Sunshine Coast, QLD 4575

VANITY FUR DOG SALON serves a personalized and professional grooming approach. The salon offers coffee and longer pampering sessions at night. Their schedule can even be extended to give way to dog care plans. They use material and equipment that are regularly sanitized. Services offered are spa, hydrobath, shampoo, cuts, massage and several hygiene services. Each treatment is carefully done with only gentle and organic products. Special services are also available such as teeth brushing and parasite management. Pet animals are treated with care and consideration in every session. Vanity fur sells delicious and healthy meals as well as treats.

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Monica Turner
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