Does sharing location enhances the app experience or put user’s data at risk?

When you download any app, it asks for allowing location! What do you usually do then? A thought must arrive at your mind that if you should allow to access the location or deny it. You must come across the thought that if you should skip this or get back to the home or allow it to access your location, at the same time a thought pops out that what if the app can misuse this? Or your data is at risk! Several times it makes users drop your application and uninstall your application. This led to a bad impression of your brand image and can also drastically destroy your revenue growth.

There must be various questions bombarded to your mind. But let us clear if the sharing location enhances the app experience or can put your user’s data at risk.

Although, location tracking technology is a popular app feature at the same time, not all app users are comfortable with the apps that track and collect the data.

What market says about this issue?

There are over 3.4 billion smartphone users across the globe. It has been noticed that 50 percent of users open an app more than 11 times a day. Most of the applications that we use in our daily lives like Facebook, Google, Amazon, etc., and many other apps that are using or accessing your location but at that time it would be mandatory.

Various research has uncovered that location enabling improves the app’s user experience. It shows that there is the various potential of using location-based apps and features as it offers a unique and useful experience. Still, many people are not convinced to use the app that tracks the location or acquire the information.

Does turning off location tracking is useful?

Before ending up like that, here’s an intriguing reality to begin this part. Did you realize the data accumulated by enormous app companies is typically overseen by third-party apps? These third-party applications are covered-up subsidiaries that gather your data from smartphone apps.

Presently returning to the inquiry, does disable location tracking all that accommodating? With location tracking, apps need to customize UX and utilize the data gained for special purposes. Be it for Android or iOS these apps use GPS technology which assists users with associating with location-based services. A few models incorporate booking a taxi using Uber, climate projection of the spot the user is in as of now, or discovering diners close by.

Shutting the tracking option is useful?

In Google, if you don’t need the app to continue to discover where you are constantly, you need to incapacitate location services from the App settings. Around 81% of Americans realize how to wind down an area. There are more inborn approaches to move away from location tracking technology. Like Google Maps users can physically erase the location markers which are now accumulated on smartphones. It resembles clearing your program history.

The case is to some degree distinctive for iOS devices, however. They have this component called ‘significant areas’ which tracks every one of the spaces/puts an iPhone users goes about and gives out proposals dependent on the equivalent. Apple doesn’t trouble apps about your location an excess to be. In any case, there are methods of doing it. In Apple, if you go to Settings and visit the Location Services choice, you get decisions for every app viz. ‘While Using’ and ‘Consistently’. If you straightforwardly turn off Location Services, it closes the area accessible for all that incorporates both downloaded and applications.

The vast majority are comfortable with sharing the location:

Location tracking apps offer a smoothed-out and customized experience that most smartphone proprietors appreciate.

Individuals feel alright with area following apps since they like the worth area following adds to their experience. For some, area information’s potential advantages offset the risk.

Retail apps, for instance, can utilize location tracking technology to make smarter services for their clients.

Location tracking is critical to retail’s future since it offers an omnichannel experience. If a client lives near the store, an app will suggest they visit the actual area.

Location-tracking is advantageous:

Location tracking innovation improves user experience by giving pertinent and customized list items.

These clients accept Location innovation settles on their lives simpler by improving on choices. Location features channel important indexed lists, focusing on outcomes that are nearest to the smartphone owner.

Location information additionally permits devices to store data like habitually utilized addresses and most loved stores, remunerating app use with a more customized insight.

Various apps revolve their whole capacity around the area following. There are 3 principal ways area services give accommodation:

Finding close by organizations, networks, or occasions

Conveying location explicit services and ads

Working with correspondence between user

Thinking about these accommodations, individuals feel it’s advantageous to share their area data.

Location Tracking Features Will Be The Standard

Location tracking is a standard app feature. Various app developers esteem the improved user experience or need to utilize location information to offer client data to advertisement companies.

Albeit a few groups are awkward about the protection risk of the area following apps, most purchasers accept the advantages offset likely expenses.

Among smartphone owners who are alright with Location tracking, the greater part like that it further develops accommodation and healthcare. Location tracking can offer better assistance for the user who needs prompt admittance to data about their environmental elements or a background marked by their #1 spots.


If we look according to a more extensive point of view, we need to offer Location tracking for the services it gives. It has made app usage simpler and energizing. It tracks location, and yet, it makes the app simpler and intelligent for users to utilize. The innovation can represent certain issues, as it can prompt issues, however in everyday terms, it very well may be viewed as protected.

Regardless of whether you don’t need your location to be shared on apps and discover ways on the best way to quit sharing area without them knowing, there will be sure apps like Google that can monitor it despite fearless endeavors. Yet, Google, alongside Facebook, Apple, and other large names has significant location-based features that you may appreciate than stand up to.

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