DJ Henry GQ explains what he does as an event DJ

Henry Gaowy is a DJ in Erie, Pennsylvania, who works with GQ Events as DJ Henry. He plays at all kinds of events in the area, from High School and University functions to weddings. In addition to bringing the music to parties, he also provides lighting that is customised for each event.

Henry GQ, how did you become a DJ?
I became a DJ in the city of Erie, Pennsylvania when I was 17 years old, under the guidance of a locally owned DJ company that was pretty popular in Erie area for doing school dances, I met the owner at a local breakfast diner, I told him I was looking for something more exciting to do with my time on the weekends and thats when he offered me a job as a DJ and roadie for his Events team.

What is the most common type of event you DJ for?
I mainly DJ weddings, although my company delivers some amazing performances for birthday parties, high school proms & homecomings, but our main focus is ensuring an incredible dance party for many brides & grooms!

Do you often play in nightclubs?
I have DJ’d at some of the hottest nightclubs in Erie, Pittsburgh, Cleveland & Buffalo! When you are able to mix and throw together some amazing sets at some of the hottest places, it gives you a reputation like no other – noone will remmeber your name for just playing the hits!

What kind of music do you generally play?
For weddings, I play whatever the B&G want! my personal taste is house music!

What services do you generally provide when you are hired for an event?
My DJ company in Erie, Pennsylvania called GQ Events provides, Photo Booths Rentals, Uplighting Rental, DJ Services, Marquee Rentals, Nightclub Lighting, Speaker Rentals and so much more

Do you customise your set for different events?
Yes! Every event is different and very special to me and my team! We spend hour combing over our do and do not play lists!

What advice would you give to an aspiring DJ?
Work very hard! Never give up and focus on whats in front of you!

Thank you Henry for sharing your thoughts with us.
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