Demi Lovato opens up about the past year after her overdose

Demi Lovato has battled addiction and mental illness specifically eating disorders for years now, and after her overdose incident July of last year, the singer has opened up about it.

Speaking in an interview during the Teen Vogue Summit which served as her first major appearance following the incidents of last year, Lovato shared how she is in a better place now and is stronger than ever.

The Hollywood Reporter stated in a report that the singer explained that she wouldn’t alter the course of her life for anything regarding her career and public image to the fans. 

I would never regret anything. I love the person that I am today.”

Lovato explained how she learned how to be honest about herself and her body, and shared that there are times that she did not like her body but would be critical enough not to lie to herself. This led to her development and strength, to be able to have the ability to remind herself about her strength as a person and have the capacity to be grateful for what she has.

To fully embrace her commitment in her self-love and accepting her body, the singer disclosed that she took the whole month of October off from going to the gym. She shared that she has dealt years worth of battling eating disorders and was not open about it, stating that going to the gym was an unhealthy experience for her that led her to the conclusion where she went down a negative road, but thanks to her experiences she has grown better and is in a good place now.

She also confirmed that she is working on new music. Promising that her new album will be as genuine as possible. In an Instagram story last June, the singer shared:

You know what’s great about making an album? You get to say anything you want, be as open and honest as possible and finally tell your side of the story regardless of who might not like it.”

It’s not clear whether or not the album will go over the events that led to her overdose last year, but if it did it doesn’t come as a huge surprise to fans. Back in 2018, Lovato hinted in a tweet that she might eventually want to share her point of view of the incident. She stated that if she felt that the world needed to know something, she would tell everyone herself. She added that people should stop writing about her recovery because it was a personal matter. She ended the tweet by saying that she is sober and grateful to be alive and is taking good care of herself.

The singer concluded that someday she will tell the world what happened, why it happened, and what her life is like today. Lovato has since deactivated her Twitter account.

Laura Ebeling
Laura Ebeling
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