DC Entertainment halts publication of iconic MAD magazine

One of the most iconic publications in the industry will leave newsstands after its August issue.

MAD is known as the go-to satire magazine for everyone’s fix of politics and humor. Now, DC comics will no longer publish issues of the influential magazine later this year. The publication that introduced Alfred E. Neuman to the world effectively ran for 67 years.

After its issue in August, future editions will repurpose previously published material under new covers. Aside from the end-of-year specials, new content will no longer be made. Confirmation of the magazine’s closing is confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter.

The next editions of MAD will only be available through comic book shops and mailed to subscribers. It will only feature classics and best-of nostalgic fare from its massive collection of content in its 67-year run. DC will reportedly continue to publish books and special collections under MAD.

Announcement of the magazine’s publication halt was made last Wednesday. MAD cartoonists David DeGrand and Evan Dorking confirmed the sad news on social media. This was a few days after writer Dan Telfer was laid off as senior editor of the publication.

DeGrand’s most recent Tweet regarding the issue was posted on Thursday. The cartoonist clarified that MAD won’t be closing but will only be leaving newsstands. He wrote:

“I need to clarify the MAD rumors: MAD isn’t shutting down but is only leaving the newsstand and will be sold to the direct market. The best thing to do is buy MAD and support it as much as possible, it’s not going away!”

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