A look into the Dan Murphy Catalogue and how it works

The Dan Murphy catalogue is a regular feature for the liquor retailer offering a range of interesting insights and articles into the world of alcohol. But before you dig deeper into the catalogue, it’s important to fully understand everything about Dan Murphy’s.

What is Dan Murphy’s?

Dan Murphy’s is one of the largest liquor supermarkets with over 225 stores across Australia. The chain is operated by Woolworths Limited, which also owns BWS and Woolworths Liquor. Here are some things you should know about Dan Murphy’s:

  • Dan Murphy’s offers a lowest price guarantee on all liquors sold inside its stores with the promise to beat any advertised price of the same alcohol. To get this offer, the lower price alcohol must be based in a store located within 10km of the Dan Murphy’s outlet.
  • In addition to its stores across the nation, the chain operates an online store – danmurphys.com.au that covers nearly 50% of alcohol online sales in Australia with multiple delivery options to suit your needs.
  • Woolworths had previously, in 2016, introduced The Dan Murphy’s Cellar. This cellar has a special focus on premium, rare and boutique liquor products.
  • The company also has a rewards program that has more than 1.8 million members across the country.
  • Dan Murphy’s, in 2014, also introduced its online connections service, which enables small and international producers to reach and sell directly to customers.
  • Dan Murphy’s has a liquor library to offer food and wine suggestions, cocktail recipes and other information.

The range of wines on offer is extensive, covering all budgets – from the cheapest to the most expensive bottle whether local or imported.

History of Dan Murphy’s

Dan Murphy’s started when a young man – Dan Murphy – leased a grocery store to compete with his father whose store was located less than a kilometre away in Prahran, Melbourne.

According to Dan, the family name was well known in the liquor retailing world since his grandfather started his business in 1878. He then started his own venture to trade in fine wine.

Dan Murphy was one of the first businessmen to import wine to Australia and was a huge supporter of growing the industry. He was friendly with many industry stalwarts like Max Schubert and Maurice O’Shea.

The moment he started, Dan dared to be different. He bought his products in bulk and sourced many varieties from international markets. He also wrote reviews and articles about wine products and even started a wine club. This is what perhaps gave rise to the concept of the Dan Murphy catalogue.

The retail concept was always simple and continues in the same vein – the widest range of products at the lowest prices.

Where does Dan Murphy products come from?

Dan Murphy’s sources liquor from all across Australia and the world. The chain sources alcohol from a range of countries, including New Zealand, France, Scotland, Italy, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Spain and Japan.

But apart from just alcohol, the liquor retailer also sells glassware, cocktail accessories, bar products and gift boxes.

Dan Murphy’s stocks over 6000 different wines from across Australia and the world catering to budgets of all sizes – from the cheapest varieties to the old and rare versions. Craft and imported beers, vodkas, whiskys and other spirits can also be found in Dan Murphy’s.

Dan Murphy lowest price guarantee

For those keen on getting a good deal, Dan Murphy is one of the best choices because of its lowest price guarantee. This means the retailer will beat any price at any other store within a 10km radius.

The price guarantee also means that prices may vary between the online store and different stores. To see the most accurate price if you’re researching online, you’ll need to ‘Set Your Store’.

The store finder option on the website will help you find your local Dan Murphy’s store. Once you find and set your store by clicking on the link, you will be able to see everything in stock. You may also change your store whenever needed by simply clicking the Change Store link at the top right. If you don’t set your store, the price displayed will always be the default online price and not the one in your local store.

With the most extensive liquor range on offer throughout Australia, the team at Dan Murphy’s works hard to make shopping easy and enjoyable for customers.

Most of the employees are well versed with the liquor offerings and categories – along with special emphasis on wine and food pairing, regional knowledge and even cellaring. Many employees also have professional winemaking experience.

The brand not only beats on price, but also on the overall experience thanks to an extensive range and knowledgeable staff.

Membership at Dan Murphy’s

Dan Murphy’s has a membership rewards program with access to exclusive offers and events. Joining is completely free of cost but you must live in Australia and be older than 21.

While you will not earn points with your membership, you will be able to enjoy tailored communication and customised benefits to your interests and tastes.

All information is private so you can rest assured your information will not be sent elsewhere. You must sign in before you checkout online – similar to how you would swipe your card in any physical store. If you’ve made an online purchase, it will appear immediately but an in-store purchase can take up to 48 hours to reflect in your account.

If you’ve purchased anything before your membership, you will not be able to link it to your membership as the benefits start from the day you join. If you had a previous account online, you may be able to see your online transactions for the last 12 months.

What can be found in the Dan Murphy catalogue?

The Dan Murphy catalogue is a premium go-to guide on all things related to the liquor industry. Inside the catalogue, you’ll find specials on offer including wines, ciders and beers, along with articles related to industry trends.

The best deals and offers are usually advertised in the Dan Murphy catalogue and ads, which is exciting because the retailer has a huge range of white wines, red wines, champagnes, whisky’s, beers, spirits, ciders, gins, mixers, and accessories at the best prices in the market.

The catalogue also regularly covers gifting ideas from the extensive range it stocks. From gift packs and wines for a special person to large ranges for parties, there are thousands of products to choose from with a little something for everyone.

You’ll also get access to articles referring to how you can infuse spirits, brew your own beers, make your favourite cocktails and so much more, along with access to opening hours, monthly specials and other deals on offer. Some of the catalogues the retailer has distributed in the past include:

  • Cocktail Discovery Guide – This Cocktail Discovery edition covers the latest trends in cocktails, including exciting recipes and expert advice. It also covers essentials you’ll need for cocktails, including strainers, shakers, muddlers, ice trays and bar spoons. The alcohol bases include whiskies, gins and vodkas.
  • Gin Discovery Guide – the gin discovery guide is all about getting people acquainted with this alcohol, or rekindling interest for those who are familiar with it. The edition covers the history of gin, how it is made, and how to drink it with a special reference to local gins across all Australian states.
  • Whisky Discovery Guide – The Whisky Discovery guide is for beginners and aficionados alike. The guide covers the main whisky producing regions, different whisky styles, how whisky is made, whisky tastes, flavour profiles and much more. Some of the whisky producing regions include America, Scotland, Ireland, Canada, Wales and Japan.
  • Fine Wine – The Fine Wine guide covers some of the finest wines selected by the most influential critics in the world. It also covers wine regions across Australia producing some of the best wines in the country and the globe. Wine merchants are also available to help customers select the best bottles of wine for their needs.
  • 50+ Drinks To Try – This edition covers the latest wines and spirits being stocked at Dan Murphy’s. There’s also a weekly schedule in the catalogue for weekly wine tastings so customers can try out some of the finest wines on offer. Covering everything from Shiraz to Chardonnay to ciders to spirits to beers, this catalogue is well worth reading for those who love a good drink.

Apart from these catalogues, you can discover more inside a store or online, including limited releases and new arrivals. The Dan Murphy catalogue covers a range of topics written by experts whose opinions are highly sought-after in the liquor industry.

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