Best Copywriters in Brisbane

Below is a list of the top and leading Copywriters in Brisbane. To help you find the best Copywriters located near you in Brisbane, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Brisbane’s Best Copywriters:

The top rated Copywriters in Brisbane are:

  • Emily Read – Emily Read Copywriter
  • Joshua Maher – Joshua Maher Copywriter Brisbane
  • Toni Wells – Toni Wells Copywriter

Emily Read

Emily Read - Emily Read Copywriter
Emily Read – Emily Read Copywriter. Source: Screenshot from

Emily Read is Brisbane-based copywriter and proofreader behind Emily Read Copywriter. She is Hobart born and bred, but these days she call the sunshine state home. Her story as a copywriter began in July 2013 in Brisbane. At the time, she was a recent Arts graduate living in a new city, with a rapidly-dwindling bank balance. Not an ideal situation for her. Just 8 months later, however, she was a business owner with work booked for weeks in advance.

As an SEO copywriter and proofreader, she make it her business to know everything about her client’s business. Then she use this understanding to craft website content and other marketing materials with those right words – words that sweet-talk Google and convince prospective clients to choose her clients. She specialise in creating website and blog content for services-based businesses, but she can also help clients with eBooks and brochures if that’s their thing. And if her clients run a larger business, she can even join them onsite to get this work done.


SEO copywriting, Blog copywriting, In-house copywriting, Proofreading & editing




“Emily Read turned our dull, heavy, boring website copy into clear, clever and engaging words that we love, and, more importantly, that our future clients will love! She’s professional, easy to work with, and delivers quality work without fuss. We highly recommend her without hesitation to any businesses looking to revamp their website copy!” – Le Piano Academy

Joshua Maher

Joshua Maher - Joshua Maher Copywriter Brisbane
Joshua Maher – Joshua Maher Copywriter Brisbane. Source: Screenshot from

Joshua Maher, over the past couple of years, he’d written emails that brought in 7 figures in revenue for one client alone, and he’d increased the return on ad spend tenfold for another small business owner. That’s how the hyper-focused magic of direct response copywriting works – no more pouring money down the drain on ineffective ad campaigns, no more fancy designs that don’t generate a response, no more throwing shit at the wall to see what sticks.

Just simple salesmanship that brings in customers to his client’s business and stuffs their bank account with cash.


Website Copy, Sales Letters, Email Sequences, Blog Posts


Address: 88 Doggett St, Newstead QLD 4006
Phone: 0427 375 246


“We launched a new online store and got Josh to do a press release for us. It was immediately picked up by the media giving us much needed exposure and traffic to the site. He is always a pleasure to work with and we’ll definitely use his services again.” – Lauren Pykett

Toni Wells

Toni Wells - Toni Wells Copywriter
Toni Wells – Toni Wells Copywriter. Source: Screenshot from

Toni Wells – Originally raised in North Queensland and now living in Brisbane, she have held many titles throughout her 14-year career. From finance officer, payroll officer, project coordinator, sales support, personal assistant, minute secretary to practice manager. The one take away from all of that is her love of writing. So,she combined her years of experience with her love of writing and built her own website with the sole purpose of helping business owners stand out through quality copy.


Direct Mail, Brochure And Leaflet, Print And Press Advertisement, Business Blogs, Newsletter, Website, Seo Copywriting


Address: 61 Huntingdale St, Leichhardt QLD 4305
Phone: 0431 582 340


Laura Ebeling
Laura Ebeling
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