What to expect when contacting different graphic design agencies

Most people will come to the stage in their business where they realise that they aren’t going to get any further unless they create a consistent story that they can show their audience. There are many ways that people are able to go about doing this such as creating and releasing content on a consistent and regular basis e.g. a blog. Another great way that people are able to go about this is when they ensure that they have a branding package put together, meaning that they have a certain font(s) that they use on a regular basis as well as a certain colour scheme.

This can also include creating banners, images, logos, and everything else consistently so that when people come across any of these things, people will immediately know who they are. This is one of the most important things that people can do when they are wanting to create a trustworthy relationship with people and when they are wanting to come across as legit and professional. So to give people in this position a better idea, here is what to expect when starting the process of contacting different graphic design agencies.

You can expect for graphic design agencies to ask you to create some kind of vision board at the beginning of the process

One of the first things that people will likely be asked to do when they are working with graphic design agencies in the beginning is to create some kind of vision board. For those who may not be aware of what this is, a vision board is where people put together a bunch of inspirational photos in order to create some kind of theme. This can be done digitally but more often than not this is done by pining certain images to a cork board.

People can pin colours that they like, textures that they like, fonts that they like as well as images of other brands that inspire them. When people do this, graphic design agencies in are going to have a much better idea of what makes someone tick as well the understand the direction that they are wanting to go in. Professionals can then take this board and use it to create an aesthetically pleasing branding package that people are able to use for years to come.

You can expect for graphic design agencies to discuss your budget in the beginning stages

While this may seem like an uncomfortable topic for some, this is likely going to be one of the first subjects that will be brought up by graphic design agencies in the beginning. This is so they are able to make sure that they are best catering to you and that they are offering you a package that is best suited to where you are at financially. For example, a full website remodel wouldn’t make sense if you are not even in the position where you have a website yet.

On the other hand, some people may have a very healthy budget and are wanting to completely rebrand so that they can attract some very important clients. As it can clearly be seen, two different budgets would require very different branding packages. And so, when people are at the stage where they are ready to work with graphic design agencies, some of the first things that they will likely discuss are their inspirations as well as their budget and finances.

Mike Smith
Mike Smith
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