Consumer tips when sourcing electrical supplies online

Having the convenience to shop for electrical supplies online is one of the great joys of the modern marketplace.

There are no limitation for consumers who want to be able to access the highest grade of equipment to service their needs.

From basic tools for simple DIY projects to expensive and intricate investments for electricians and trades professionals, the options are seemingly endless.

However, there are some outlets that try and take advantage of this open network, exposing shoppers to unsafe products that have no protections or guarantees from industry backed associations.

This is why a degree of diligence is needed for shoppers who want to be scour the market without being shortchanged or exposed.

Follow these key tips to have those protections upheld.

Check their rating and user feedback

The very first step that any consumer should take when checking an online electrical supplies outlet is to check their rating and feedback from users. From search engines like Google to industry websites and social media hubs including Facebook, there are ways and means of assessing their track record. If they happen to be dubious operators who sell faulty items or place shopper’s information in jeopardy then those instances will be flagged by other consumers who will notify others of that behaviour. This principle applies across the e-commerce world and it is important for each and every shopper to see how the brand performs and satisfies their clients around the world.

Do they have a customer service option?

Customer service is a valued asset to have when sourcing electrical supplies online. Through a phone conversation, a pop-up chat portal or an email exchange, it is beneficial to be able to speak with an expert and inquire about a fault, the use for a particular application or the need to upgrade from a former purchase. Without that line of communication then the client cannot take their question or feedback to a higher authority and the entire process becomes more stressful. Each customer needs a sounding board to be able to discuss the merits of a purchase.

Various delivery methods

In the field of e-commerce it is beneficial for the consumer to source their electrical supplies in the knowledge there are various delivery methods available. Should a professional operator require a unique conduit or circuit breaker for an upcoming client project, then they should be able to pay for a fast-tracked delivery method sent to a unique address. This will speak to the brand’s ability to utilise a sound courier network, giving them the stock at their front door when they require it.

Various payment options

If a website for electrical supplies limits a payment option, whether that be through a credit card number or Paypal, that can act as a barrier for certain constituents who have their own approach to online shopping. Some outlets can even place limitations within the credit card window, preventing purchases from certain countries or from certain brands including Visa and Mastercard. The less barriers that are presented, the greater the chance that the provider has a global footprint and a greater reach for shoppers.

Warranty agreement and clear returns policy

Amid all of the benefits of sourcing electrical supplies online there is still the fear that the purchase will be of a lower quality than it was presented on the website. Should there be an issue that occurs during shipping where the item is lost, damaged or arrived with a fault, then there should be a warranty that protects the investment. Even if that is only for a short period of 6 to 12 months, that will at least prevent the need to repeat the process and double the fee from the perspective of the consumer. A clear returns policy will also compliment the purchase.

Mike Smith
Mike Smith
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