8 common funding mistakes to avoid in 2020

When it comes to small businesses and startups, funding is an essential and important aspect of concern for any and every individual. Business operations and growth of the company are highly reliant on the smooth flow of funds. Acquiring the required capital and keeping a steady flow of funds is a difficult job for small business owners and entrepreneurs of start-ups.

While funding and financial assistance are essential for most small businesses, acquiring or sourcing required additional capital is not easy or feasible for most business owners. This leads to the need for small business funding. However, they are not easy to obtain.

Small business loans are not provided by banks and other traditional lenders. This is due to the fact that traditional lenders are risk-averse and follow strict policies while approving business loans and providing financing. Owners of small businesses face great difficulties and have very little chances of getting loans approved from traditional sources like banks. This is due to several reasons.

  • A lack of collaterals is the prime reason of banks not approving loans as banks look for assets before providing a loan
  • Debt-to-income ratio is verified
  • Cash flow verification is done
  • Credit history is looked into
  • A strong and comprehensive business plan is expected
  • Operating and income history

Due to these reasons, small businesses often do not receive loans from banks. Small businesses and startups are quite uncertain about their stability and progress. Banks need to be assured about getting the funds repaid on time. Often, businesses of small scale fail to repay the loans on time.

There are a few common funding mistakes committed by business owners that lead to the failure of a business. Important operational moves and financial planning, when not done in the proper way, lead to the downturn of businesses. These technical errors and operational mistakes are often committed by business owners. Some of the most common funding mistakes that lead to the downfall of a business can be avoided.

Not paying attention to the business model

Not paying proper attention to the business model is a grave mistake often committed by entrepreneurs. Identifying the business model includes paying attention to the revenue sources, client base and every other detail of financing the business. It is the target of businesses to make profits and identify small business funding sources for small organisations.

Not planning the usage of capital

Ideating and planning the usage of capital is essential for every business. If not planned and utilised wisely, it leads to failure. Having proper conceptions and ideas of using the available capital, along with keeping track of the business requirements to assess and foretell the need for funding and keeping the financial flow steady with small business loans.

No demonstration of the business earns revenue

The demonstration of plans and strategies of the income of a business is essential in the operation of the organisation and acquiring required funds.

Inability to find the right lender for a business loan

Any business, while its operation, requires additional funds and financing that need to be secured within a specific time. Small business owners often fail to find the right lender for simple business loans that lead to a disruption in the flow of funds, leading to hindrance in business operations and its success.

Neglecting the value and terms of business loans

Sincerity in the case of business financing and its term is essential for the success of any organisation in the corporate sector. If a business owner neglects the value and terms of business loans, easy business loans tend to turn complicated and difficult to retrieve or obtain.

When a simple business loan is borrowed, careful planning to utilise the funds to its maximum value as well as attention to its terms, like interests, repayment methods, liabilities must be looked into.

Not having a proper repayment plan

Having a balanced and sustainable repayment plan is important. Assessing the debt-to-income ratio and cash flow to determine repayment methods and plans must be done accurately.

Improper business management

Improper business management leads to the malfunction of the whole operational systems, avocation of funds and a drop in productivity. This leads to poor chances of securing funding from lenders.

Having the fear of loan application getting rejected

Taking decisions based on presumptions is not a good business attitude, at all times. Not applying for loans just because of the fear of having the loan application rejected can be a costly mistake. Trying with all means and medium to secure a loan when required must be the primary goal without the thought of what might happen.

Alternative financing the right solution for funding issues

Easy business loans, provided by alternative financing agencies, can be the best solution for the funding needs of an organisation. Various small business loans, like merchant cash advance, invoice and equipment financing, business line of credit, etc., are provided by these lenders to sustainably and conveniently fulfil the funding needs of a small enterprise.

These loans are provided to the borrower without considering the factors like poor credit history, inability to keep any collateral as safety while applying for a business loan etc. Apart from these factors the borrowers can repay the borrowed amount to the lender using flexible repayment option. Although these loans are offered by the lender on their own risk therefore their interest rates are usually higher than the traditional loan options like banks.

The loan approval process of alternative financing is also faster than loans offered by banks. The borrower can avail the loan amount from $5k to $500k in Australia after submitting the requisite documents asked by the lender.


Hence when it comes to business loans in Australia, the borrower must opt for alternative financing options rather than traditional funding options to get the right funding assistance at the right time.

Steve Soman
Steve Somanhttps://hubbe.com.au/
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