Co-working coolest – 10 creative options of flashy social workstations around the world

The growing popularity of “cool” coworking space

The power of coworking lies in one single statement: “People break down the walls so that they can break through their businesses”. According to the recently conducted analysis of the commercial real estate market around the globe, more and more tenants turn to the option of shared office units instead of traditional ones.

What makes coworking suites so much effective? Why employees thrive there? It would probably take much time to enlist each and every purpose that guides people in their views regarding the choice of a workspace. Yet, we could not but mention three leading predictors of choosing coworking:

  • flexibility in schedules and fees;
  • better job control;
  • the possibility to join the multi-professional community.

Over the last several decades, the global coworking system has undergone significant changes. This trend is no longer perceived as a new age working practice, suitable exclusively for startuppers and SMEs. The demand for these suites has also been propelled by large enterprises looking to expand operations across new markets in an inexpensive manner.

According to the coworking space worldwide statistics, presented by Statista, there were around 19 thousand coworking suites globally in 2019. This number grows every day; thus, by the end of 2025, it is expected to reach 26 thousand. GCUC reports that the quantity of coworkers in the world exceeds 3 million people nowadays. With more than 11 thousand shared office options, the Asia-Pacific is the world’s largest coworking area.

Top 10 coworking offices in the world

As a shared office is not only the working environment and the desk but is rather a spirit that connects various components, experts have diversified the factors that differentiate amazing coworking space from just an ordinary one. Three main criteria have influenced the process of making up the list of top ten coworking suites all around the globe – location, innovativeness and community. Based on the research and analysis, the most outstanding shared venues in the world are:

The Farm Soho, New York City, the USA

Previously a barn in the farmlands of Southern Missouri, nowadays it is a hub for entrepreneurs and innovators. “The Farm” was actually crafted from pieces of furniture, found in that old farm building and transported to New York. The simple and organic interior design provides tenants with a home-like feeling. This coworking hub is pet-friendly and offers round-a-clock access. The day pass costs around $30, while monthly fees range from approximately $180 to $350 per one workstation.

The Dock, London, UK

This coworking hub has been created alongside one of the largest exhibition halls and event centres of the British capital. It is located only ten minutes walk from Tower Bridge, close to City&Rotarich area. Besides a range of shared workspace and meeting facilities, The Dock boasts storages, kitchens, showers, etc. Facilities for disabled people are also present there. You will be expected to pay around GBP250 per month when renting a workstation in this hub.

Betahaus Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Created around ten years ago, this coworking centre is an ideal spot for exchanging knowledge, ideas, and inspiration. This venue boasts coworking suites, private offices and event spaces, thus, meets the needs of a vast target audience. Membership perks include the possibility to choose between hot and dedicated workstations, join free yoga classes, attend weekly community events and numerous others. If you want to try it out first, there is a chance to get a free day pass. The rental fees vary from about EUR100 to EUR250 per desk per month.

Coboat, Carribean

Can you imagine working on a sailing yacht? Coboat offers such an opportunity, being a remote workstation for adventurous entrepreneurs and teams. The yacht boasts reliable Internet connection, gadgets, and many other tools to make the working process exciting.

Hive Arena, Seoul, South Korea

It is not only a coworking but also a coliving space, located in Seoul, South Korea. This option is mainly liked by digital nomads, as they find both workplace and house accommodation in one building. Entrepreneurs call it the coolest shared office space in the country. It costs around EUR120-200 per month to get a workstation there.

One Roof, Melbourne, Australia

It is a country’s leading coworking space for female entrepreneurs. One Roof is a community, a workspace, and an ecosystem that provides everything for women-led businesses to thrive under one roof. Different types of memberships predict the payment of about $350-500 per desk per month there.

The Office Pile, Phoenix, the USA

 The mission of this coworking unit is to empower and cultivate synergies between culturally-diverse entrepreneurs. Tenants of this office also have access to a variety of educational courses and funding programmes that allow them to feel assistance in the early stages of business development. Paying approximately $165, you can make use of a desk on a monthly basis.

The Pool, Mexico City, Mexico

This massive coworking hub is mainly famous for its geographical location. It lies in Mexico city’s Polanco area, with numerous high-class eateries, cosy cafes, greenish areas and transport stations being found a stone through away. The fees for a single desk start at $25 per day.

TQ, Amsterdam, Netherlands

 It is a curated tech hub that lies in the centre of Amsterdam, founded by TNW. Creative minds, working in different sectors of the tech industry, have found their home in this suite. This venue offers an unrivalled view on Amsterdam, hosts the smallest disco in the world and boasts badminton court, by the way.

Village Underground Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal

Village Underground is one of the most exhilarating coworking venues in the whole of Europe. Offices there are built of the recycled double-decker buses and shipping containers, making a working process there a real adventure for tenants. It is a community primarily created by and for artists, designers, creators and other people who work in cultural spheres. In a short time, Village has managed to host an impressive list of outdoor events, cultural activities, dance parties, and concerts.

Coworking Growth | Statistics

The number and diversity of fancy coworking offices are continuously exploding in each part of the world. Averagely, there were around 185 members per coworking space worldwide in 2019. Thus, shared venues grow not only in numbers but also in size. The growth rate accounts for almost 500%, in between the last seven years. Forecasts state that coworking space will continue to get larger and attract more tenants in the future.

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