Why office space matters more for your business than you think

It’s true that office rental rates can be high in the larger Australian cities. However, there’s certainly no shortage of options. Over the last year, vacancy levels have soared and reached a new peak. It means businesses have had their pick of amazing spaces recently.  

From towering skyscrapers to waterfront vistas, big cities like Melbourne and Sydney are a magnet for entrepreneurs. They have glamour, vitality, and most important of all, they offer fantastic places to live and work. The question is, where do want to be located?

It’s easy to find a great office space – Servcorp is just one of the premium providers here – so don’t settle for anything less than the best. It’ll have a major impact on productivity. Keep reading to learn more.

Room for development

Growth is a key objective for all businesses, whether they’re tiny start-ups or great hulking corporations. Everybody wants to be bigger and better. It’s not just a question of having the money to expand. You also need scalable resources that offer plenty of breathing room. 

If possible, invest in a lease that is inherently flexible. They can be trickier to find, but virtual, serviced, and coworking spaces offer rental agreements without lock-in terms. It means tenants are free to leave whenever they like. The decision to upgrade is always available.

An inspiring location

The literal location of your new office is very significant. After all, it’s the most direct form of contact between a business and its customers. When clients and investors come to visit, it’s your address they’ll remember when they leave. Therefore, a top location is worth the money.

The best spots are always centrally located. In Australia, we’re talking about those big cities again. Look for the hottest streets in your town. This is where you belong, among the movers and shakers. It’s where you’ll find the best and brightest talent too.

Beautiful interior designs

Creating the right look for a new office can be a lengthy and expensive process. This is why more businesses are choosing fully furnished suites. With a serviced office in Perth or Sydney, you can enjoy a ‘ready to go’ office, in an upmarket part of town.

Moving into a readymade space has clear advantages. There is less downtime associated with relocating. The business is not left unavailable to customers for long. It’s substantially more affordable, as serviced leases include all furnishings in the monthly fee.

Robust infrastructure

When moving into a new office, there are some obvious infrastructure requirements. For one thing, the internet must be reasonably speedy. If broadband is included in the monthly fee, make sure it is sufficient for your needs. Often, complementary services get dialed down.   

If it isn’t fast enough, ask about a possible upgrade. Don’t baulk if you have to pay for it, particularly if the rest of the deal is pretty fantastic. It’s always worth having a top of the line connection. Also, make sure the onsite mail facilities are efficient and accessible.

Why it’s important to keep your feet on the ground

As they say in the business world, keep your feet on the ground and your head in the clouds. You may not be able to afford your dream office right away. However, by opting for a lease that is flexible and scalable, you give the business plenty of room to get there.

Serviced offices are a superb choice, as they roll all of the logistical expenses into a manageable monthly fee. This helps young companies afford impressive suites, in prestigious parts of the city. Often, it’s possible to up or downgrade as required, within the same building.

Alexandra Richards
Alexandra Richardshttp://www.servcorp.com.au/en
Richards is a business consultant. She takes a keen interest in business structures and work culture. Recently she has taken a particular interest in virtual offices by Servcorp. In her free time, she enjoys eating in local restaurants and trying to replicate the dishes at home.
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