5 Best Child Care Centres in Darwin

Looking forĀ Best Child Care Centres? Here is a list of theĀ top Child Care CentresĀ offering services like:

Knowledge, Indoor and Outdoor Environment, Games, Arts, Tennis, Words, Understandings Skills, Dance, Music, Letters, Water Play Area, Maths, Rhythm, Soccer, Songs, Smart Interactive Whiteboard, Communication, Emotional & Social Skills, Science, Math, Childā€™s Individual Routines, Supporting Proper Sleep, Play & Development, Spontaneous Play & Storypark

The top Child Care CentresĀ are:

  1. Journey Early Learning Centre -records and display all information relating to sleep, feeding and toileting for parentsā€™ reference
  2. La Creche on the Avenue -staff are experienced Early Childhood Educators
  3. Little Flyers Childcare -offers a premium long daycare program for children and infants
    are program for children and infants

1. Journey Early Learning Centre

Child Care Centres in DarwinWebsite: www.journeydurack.com.au
Phone: 08 8986 7557
Address: 29 Packard Avenue, Durack, Darwin, NT 0830


Journey Early Learning Centre is an early learning school meant for nursery, toddlers and preschool. Their aim is to inculcate a love for learning to kids at an early age. Committed to providing a conducive environment for fun and study, they ensure to create a space for kids, parents and teachers that will make them comfortable and safe.

With expert and kind educators to take care of your young ones, you can be assured that they will enjoy their time and have fun. They also ensure a personalized experience for all children to build a strong foundation of trust and connection and help them develop the ideas and skills that they have. A dynamic environment that works on the betterment of your kids, Journey is a fun place to start their learning adventure.

2. La Creche on the Avenue

Child Care Centres in DarwinWebsite: www.lacreche.com.au
Phone: 08 8995 9555
Address: Tennancy 15, Spirit on the Avenue, Salonika Street, Parap, Darwin, NT 0820


A locally owned and managed childcare centre in Darwin, La Creche on the Avenue was established in 2008 to help the community in ensuring quality child-rearing. Managed by co-owner Louise de Bomford-Scott, their aim is to provide the highest standard of children education and care. Accepting children below 2 years until over 4 years of age, they have different groups depending on their age bracket.

Passionate in the development of these young kids, the school has formulated a proper curriculum that will ensure progress and holistic growth. They also work on building up a nurturing environment for the children, their family and the whole of the community. Healthy body and healthy mind, La Creche is the best centre to help you develop your child.

3. Little Flyers Childcare

Child Care Centres in DarwinWebsite: www.insightearlylearning.com.au
Phone: 1300 133 214
Address: 10 Osgood Drive, Eaton, Darwin, NT 0820


Little Flyers Childcare is a learning center that is boasting of an aeronautical themed play area for kids. Accepting infants as young as 6 weeks old to 5 years of age, they have several programs depending on the age and needs of the student. Offering long daycare assistance, they ensure to take care of your young ones while you attend to your work or special errands.

Housing a team of friendly educators that aims to develop the creativity and individuality of each child, they ensure to guide the learning progress of your kids. Under a safe and warm environment that this school is offering, your children would surely establish self-confidence and be more responsive and creative. Enroll them now at Little Flyers and let them have fun while learning.

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