5 Best Car Accident Lawyers in Cairns

If you have been involved in a road or car accident as either a driver, passenger, cyclist or pedestrian, you may be entitled to compensation for any injuries you sustained. The compensation you receive can pay for your medical bills, offset the economic impact if you are unable to work, as well as compensate you for emotional suffering as a result of the incident.

It’s incredibly important that you seek the highest amount of compensation possible so that you don’t end up with less than what you are legally entitled to. If you live in the North Queensland region, then it would make sense to seek out one of the best car accident lawyers in Cairns and the surrounding area.

To help you find reliable car accident lawyers in Cairns, we’ve prepared the following list based on our reviews checklist.

Top Car Accident Lawyers in Cairns:

Below are the top car accident law firms:

No.: Firm: Website:
1 Preston Law www.prestonlaw.com.au
2 Be Law www.belaw.com.au
3 The Personal Injury Lawyers www.thepersonalinjurylawyers.com.au
4 Injury Lawyers Queensland www.injurylawyersqueensland.com.au
5 Bounty Law www.bountylaw.com.au

1. Preston Law

Preston Law has provided their legal expertise to the residents of Cairns and surrounding regional towns for over 25 years. Having operated in the area for so long, the firm has a well-deserved reputation for its sincere focus on helping the Cairns community, representing everyday people and businesses across a wide range of practise areas.

Preston Law boasts a strong team of over 25 staff including dedicated lawyers, conveyancers, consultants and supporting paralegals. The firm has no shortage of talent on hand allowing every client to get a dedicated expert who has time for them, rather than a jack-of-all-trades who tries to juggle too many cases at once.

When it comes to compensation cases involving car accidents, Preston Law has highly experienced lawyers in Cairns that have a proven track record of success in securing maximum payouts for their clients. The firm’s stated goal is to help clients get the highest possible settlement in the shortest amount of time, minimising the stress and cost of pursuing the compensation they are entitled to.

2. Bottoms English Lawyers (BeLaw)

Bottoms English Lawyers (BeLaw) is a Cairns based law firm that has served over 7000 clients across Queensland, including a highly publicised Stolen Wages class action. That highly publicised case and others helped cemented them as one of the larger firm servings Far North Queensland.

Having expanded out of Cairns with just a few local lawyers, BeLaw has a strong understanding of the local region and the people in it. The lawyers at BeLaw have a depth of experience dealing with personal injury matters, helping clients navigate the complexities of the matter and negotiate a favourable out-of-court settlement.

3. The Personal Injury Lawyers

As you’ve no doubt guessed, The Personal Injury Lawyers is a firm dedicated to helping Queensland residents pursue their personal injury compensation claims. The firm maintains a team of experienced experts who act as professional No Win No Fee personal injury, workers compensation and car accident lawyers in Cairns.

Their online system makes it easy for people to determine whether they are eligible for compensation. The system also allows for most claims to be handled entirely online, with minimal need to have lots of face-to-face appointments, for which travel can be a hassle if you are suffering from an injury.

4. Injury Lawyers Queensland (ILQ)

Injury Lawyers Queensland (ILQ) is a Queensland-wide law firm that serves the community of Cairns amongst many others. The firm is specifically focused on helping people who have been involved in car and road accidents make compensation claims.

Bus accidents, bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents and more are all covered by ILQ. Their lawyers are highly experienced with handling the minutiae of these kind of cases and work on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis.

5. Bounty Law

Bounty Law is headed by principal personal injury lawyer Robert Anderson who works under a ‘no win, no fee’ structure. Clients can have their motor accident injury cases evaluated so that they can get advice on the best possible course of action in making a claim.

Bounty Law seeks to address all possible motor vehicle accident claims in a timely and thorough manner, ensuring that no details are missed that could earn you a higher payout.

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