Can oral health affect fertility?

Infertility is a serious problem in the modern world and many people trying to expand their family face it. The exact reasons are not always easy to find but are necessary to identify in order to approach the treatment in the proper way. Although you may never thought it possible, oral health can affect the whole process and cause trouble.

Based on this study from the University of Helsinki in Finland, the periodontal pathogen can cause problems for young women who are trying to conceive. Also, men experience problems with their fertility due to gum disease and poor oral hygiene. So, here is how you can change these negative odds and improve oral health and thus your fertility.

Brush your teeth after a meal

Even the smallest amount of bacteria can cause problems and be the reason for infertility. “Our study does not answer the question on possible reasons for infertility but it shows that periodontal bacteria may have a systemic effect even in lower amounts, and even before clear clinical signs of gum disease can be seen,“ explained Dr. Susanna Paju from the University of Helsinki.

That is why you should brush your teeth after every meal and even carry a toothbrush and paste with you so you can do it outside your home. There is a variety of non-aggressive toothpaste today that will help you maintain your oral health in the tip-top condition.

Don’t avoid flossing

Periodontal disease is when gums and supporting tissue get infected and inflamed. Food stays stuck in our mouth which is already full of bacteria and thus create plaque.

Flossing may not be the most subtle action, but it’s the one that will help you keep food remains out of your teeth. Use those portable flosses and inter-dental cleaners you can carry with you to work or anywhere else you may need them. Food remains will stick between your teeth and allow bacteria to form thus causing cavities and gum disease.

Regular visits to the dental clinic

“Periodontal disease is silent and asymptomatic. This means that the disease progresses without the patient having any pain or discomfort,” according to dental professionals. “Periodontal treatment is relatively simple. It usually involves two to four sessions of thorough scaling and polishing of the teeth under local anaesthesia. ”

Basically, regular visits to your dentist, every six months, will help you keep your oral health in check. Taking care of any problem as soon as possible can save your teeth and prevent any serious damage from happening. Not to mention the discomfort from untreated conditions like pain, bad breath and even losing the tooth.

Use mouthwash

Unfortunately, the bacteria and destructive agents from your teeth can enter your bloodstream and cause serious problems. The most known one is a cardiovascular disease which can have serious consequences for a person, and even be life-threatening. Additionally, they can also cause type 2 diabetes, kidney disease, miscarriage, and respiratory condition.

Mouthwash shouldn’t replace regular brushing and you should use it afterwards to disinfect the complete oral cavity. Also, use mouthwash between teeth brushing to refresh your breath or remove the residues from a snack. You can use a natural mouthwash like sage tea or make one from tea tree oil, peppermint oil, and baking soda.

Check your blood regularly

Having your blood analysed regularly will show you if there is any problem in your body that needs attention. Namely, high white cell count points out to an infection which can easily be caused by the bacteria in your mouth.

Bacteriospermia is one of the conditions occurring when bacteria from the mouth get into the bloodstream and ends up in the semen, thus affecting its count. Also, tooth decay will cause an immunological response where the immune system will attack healthy cells, such as sperm. In order to keep this in check, men who have cavities or gum disease should get their blood and semen checked.

Final word

Oral hygiene is important for many health reasons, and fertility is one of them according to new studies and research. Regular care and visits to the dentist will keep your teeth and gums healthy, and thus prevent bacteria to spread and cause problems. Just make sure that you adopt proper habits for oral hygiene and you will have a dazzling smile and preserve your body’s health.

Sasha Duncan
Sasha Duncan
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