3 best busy light – do not disturb light for office

You’ve heard of the busy light craze taking the corporate world by storm and now you’re ready to reap the rewards as well. If you’ve already tried looking for a supplier you may noticed that there are a plethora of companies claiming that they offer the best product at the best price.

Without the proper research you could end up spending thousands of dollars on products that are obsolete or of low quality. To ensure you don’t get ripped off we have personally contacted and reviewed countless busy light shops to find out for ourselves who the suppliers are.

There are many things that go into making a supplier the best busylight. We have done all the hard work for you and come up with a list of the 3 that we could find. These companies are guaranteed to give you the highest level of product at the most cost effective price.

So without a further ado let’s jump right into the busy light shops.

The busy light shops online:

No.: Shop: Rating: Website:
1 Embrava ★★★★★★ embrava.com
2 Kuando ★★★★ busylight.com
3 Jabra ★★★★ jabra.com

#1 Embrava

Blynclight Skype for Business
Photo: Screenshot from embrava.com

Embrava have been ahead of their time providing many businesses with busy lights before the craze had truly hit the world. Not only are their products of high quality, they are also incredibly easy to use ad come in a range of different variants. Nothing is more time consuming that setting up a new gadget in the office and trying to teach everyone how it works. If it takes an extended period of time to learn how to use the busy light it kind of negates the purpose of the product in the first place.

To counteract this common workplace mishap Embrava have made their products very easy to install and use. All you have to do is install the software that they provide and plug the device into your computer. The device will recognise their own software as well as other web based meeting platforms. Skype is a common tool that is used in the growing modern workspace and from such you want to ensure that you have the right tools to keep productivity levels high. Embrava’s busy lights are able to sync with your Skype settings and display the colour that matches what you are doing. No longer do you have to set them manually while you are on a call!

Additionally their products are also constantly being updated to ensure that they keep up with growing inline businesses. Microsoft Teams is a new we based meeting platform that a lot of companies have started to merge into their operations. Embrava were one of the first companies to update all of their software to allow for the integration of the new platform. In doing so they were able to save their current customers a lot of money by not phasing out their previous products at all.

Different office plans call for different productivity devices. What might work for a large open plan office won’t work for a cubicle based one. Embrava know that not all workspaces are the same and have designed several different products to ensure that there is a busy light that will suit your company. For normal offices with desks there are the traditional status lights as well as the premium variant that notifies you when you are receiving a call. If you have an open plan styled office there are also the mini variants that are able to attach onto computer monitors and laptops. Embrava has headset variants as well as name plates and power sockets. All of their products are fully integratable with all operating systems and web based meeting platforms.

The customer service team at Embrava is another factor that has earned them the number one spot on this list. Their staff that they have on hand are eager to help you with any questions or queries that you may have with the products and software. Dealing with issues is their specialty and are able to walk you through all the processes in an easy to follow and in a non-condescending manner.

#2 Kuando

busy light
Photo: Screenshot from busylight.com

Kuando are one of the world’s leading suppliers for busy lights. They have earned themselves such an impressive reputation that they have many companies that act as distributors for their products. The software for their products is available to download online from their website so you don’t have to worry about losing the only copy of the installation disk that other brands provide.

Additional to having the software so easy to download it is also very easy to use. Like most of the leading busy light shops, the software is compatible with various internet based meeting platforms such as Skype for business as well as the brand new Microsoft Teams. Dealing with a company that strives for only the best really shows in their work and the quality of the products that they provide.

The Kuando line of busy light are incredibly easy to install and use and install as it only takes 3 steps to set them up! Firstly you will have to plug the device into your computer, install the software and then you’re ready to go. Additionally Kuando are big fans of integration amongst all platforms and also have the capability to sync with your mobile phone and calendar. If you have a meeting scheduled for a certain time one day, your busy light will automatically change its status light to tell everyone in your office where you are.

Kuando also sells multiple models but not to the same extent of Embrava. If you are going to purchase a busy light from Kuando your selection will be limited to a light up dongle that can be place on desk or a stick light with the indicator at the end of it. These models are preferred for cubicles.

#3 Jabra

Jabra busy light
Photo: Screenshot from jabra.com.au

Jabra is the one stop shop for the modern business working environment. Not only do they have a state of the art busy light range, they also have sleek and modern headsets that are perfect for businesses in the 21st century. The headsets are sleek, modern, rechargeable and just outright look good. Appearance means everything when it comes to brand image. If you have clients or potential investors looking through your operations to see that you are using the state of the art technology, they will know straight away that you are serious about doing business.

Like the rest of their products, the Jabra busy light range is sleek and modern. They are fully compatible with all current web meeting based programs and can also connect to your office and mobile phone. Instead of trying to fiddle around with buttons while you are on the line with an important client, the light indicator will turn red automatically to tell your co-workers that you are busy.

When you get your hands on a good quality busy light for the first time you can’t imagine your working life without it. For such a simple concept, these devices have a big impact and are sure to revolutionise your workplace productivity.

Mike Smith
Mike Smith
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