5 shows to watch when you are stressed

It’s that time of the week, month, or year when you just find yourself wallowing in a pit of self-hatred and sadness. You’re hit by depression, and although you know you will get through it eventually, living is just too difficult for you.

There’s no point to life; no purpose. Everything comes to an end inevitably, so why bother? Why wake up for school or work? Why spend the time making money or socializing when you can just lay in bed and stare at the ceiling for hours? Why not sleep a million minutes, wake up to eat, then go back to sleep? Happiness is nothing but an illusion and you finally broke out of it.

This kind of attitude and thought process is textbook distress. You become an occasional couch potato, and sometimes even the thought of getting off the bed exhausts you. Yes, life can be tiring, and sometimes it gets quite difficult to put up with others. People can be arrogant and hurt you, but that shouldn’t change who you are, nor should it push you to an extent where you start doubting yourself.

We all know that it takes time for the universe to shift a little and for you to look at things in a new perspective. The best thing to do is to not be captured within your cruel mind, but to take charge of your laughter. Laughter is the best therapy you can opt for.

How can you laugh at such a time? All you need is a good Cable TV. The most reasonable option is to go for directv bundles, but you can always check  different providers and come to a conclusion yourself. Regardless, here are the five shows you can binge on until you start feeling better again.


Who hasn’t seen this classic already? There are a few who think the show is a waste of time, but when you’re slouching in life, this is one of the amazing shows which can help you cheer up. It’s filled with wit, comedy, and sarcasm.

The characters have different interests, and that makes the show more dynamic. It shows how one should at least try to accept others without always fixating on their bad habits. So what if someone stresses over perfection and so what if someone doesn’t; we are all different, and that’s what makes the world more interesting.

Cougar Town

The best thing about this particular series is that it revolves around the life of adults and their problems, like divorce and heartbreak. Most people watch comedy shows to get away from these problems, but this show actually portrays those problems and how things can still work out in the end.

Problems will always come your way, but it doesn’t mean you stop having fun or living your life. It also promotes the idea of acceptability and trying hard to get things done. It also shows how you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself.


Scrubs is set in a hospital. It effectively and hilariously displays how there’s a life within life. We all live such lives: one at home and another at work or school. The doctors, however, have it harder than many of us.

They have to make a life within the hospital while there is death creeping around every corner. They manage to smile and make others smile as well. It is hard to put up with the negativism and stress at times, but they get through it. If they can, so can you!

Brooklyn Nine Nine

This show is similar to Scrubs. In a parallel dimension, it could have been its spinoff. While Scrubs had a JD, this show has a Jake Peralta (JP). This show is based on an FBI precinct. The officers are unable to find time for love or anything else other than work.

They are mostly solving cases, yet they have ways to make everything fun. Everyone has highs and lows in life, but that doesn’t mean they go sit in the corner and wallow into darkness until that darkness swallows them.


Your creativity is at its highest when you’re sad. If, however, you want to give yourself a creative boost while being in a good mood, Nashville is your go to show! The show has lots of great country music embedded within it.

The actors actually sing new songs, and each song has a new meaning for everyone. The most awesome thing about the show is that it helps you find peace. It doesn’t just offer laughter, but an in-depth understanding towards life.

Nathin John
Nathin John
Nathan John is one of the well known creative content writers and he has been working for seven years in Centurylink Internet. He writes for innovation in technology and also takes participate in various online communities.
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