Brazil President links Leonardo DiCaprio to Amazon fires, Leo fires back

There are thousands of active forest fires in the Amazon rainforest and the majority of them are in Brazil and Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil’s President has accused premiere Hollywood leading man Leonardo DiCaprio last week, claiming that the megastar financed the Amazon fires without any tangible proof.

Bolsonaro stated that the actor was a cool guy who gave money to torch the Amazon rainforest. This is the latest attempts of the Brazilian President in projecting blame of the forest fires to someone else that has produced international concern over the dire situation. Investigators have yet to find any real evidence to support Bolsonaro’s accusations on DiCaprio.

The Brazilian President has been active on social media especially when it comes to the World Wildlife Fund. Reuters reported that the donations received by the WWF had a sizeable donation from DiCaprio amounting to half a million US dollars, although the organization had denied the reports that they received a donation from the actor.

Last Tuesday, members of the NGO Alter do Chao Fire Brigade were apprehended for being suspected of starting brush fires so that they can document footage to rake in more financial aid. The opposition then stated that it was an attempt by the Bolsonaro regime to harass environmental groups from helping quench the forest fires.

The award-winning actor struck back at the Brazilian President,  posting his reply on his Instagram stating that he supports the people of Brazil during these trying times in the crisis in the Amazon rainforest. The actor also said that he did not fund the organizations that the Brazilian President has targeted.

DiCaprio added that he has remained committed to supporting Brazil’s indigenous communities and their local government to ensure that the Amazon has a future for all Brazilians.

The fires, which are still currently rampaging across the rainforest has already destroyed over millions of acres of rainforest in what everyone calls ‘The Lungs’ of our planet.  In another interview, the Academy Award-winning actor said that all the governments around the globe especially Brazil should work together to ensure that the situation can be extinguished.

Besides DiCaprio, a lot of other celebrities have made a call to take action on climate change as the Amazon forest fires rage on. The likes of John Cusack, Camila Cabello, Naomi Klein, Whitney Cummings, and Armeena Khan has gone to social media to evoke people into helping out with the situation ever since the forest fires came to light to the public a couple months back.

Alain Ang
Alain Ang
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