Another intruder has been arrested in Kendal Jenner’s home

Kendall Jenner had another break-in in her home again when a man broke into the super model’s home with plans to use Donald Trump’s impeachment as an alibi to get close to her.

TMZ reported that Jenner had an uninvited guest in her Hollywood Hills home. The intruder attempted to use US President Donald Trump’s impeachment as a cover to get close to the reality television star.

TMZ reported that 27-year-old Richard Eggers climbed Jenner’s neighbor’s fence right before midnight and made his way into Jenner’s property. Eggers did not make it far though, as the super model’s security detail came to action and subdued the trespasser when he got near to her home’s driveway. Jenner’s security team held Eggers until the Los Angeles police could respond and apprehend the intruder.

The 27-year-old Eggers was booked with trespassing and misdemeanor. Surprisingly, Jenner’s security team have known about Eggers for a while because this incident was not their first rodeo with the man. Last September, there were reports of potential intruder activities near the reality star’s home, that being Eggers.

Eggers was spotted in surveillance cameras but was able to evade capture after somebody could respond to his sneaking around. It is still unclear whether or not Jenner was at home at the time of the attempted break-in and arrest. If she was, she did not go outside during the whole ordeal which in all honesty is a good thing.

TMZ updated the situation where the 27-year-old Eggers did not contest his wrap for trespassing and has been ordered by the court to serve a month in county jail and will be under probation for the next three years. The ruling also stated that he should not get close to Jenner’s house, needing to be 150 yards away at the least.

This recent trespassing incident by Eggers was not the only one who had attempted to get into Jenner’s pad. The most notable is Canadian John Ford who went up a hill to get into Jenner’s home last year. Ford was found in New Mexico and was subsequently deported for the intrusion afterward.

Being in the limelight can have its cons especially with the magnitude of celebrity that Jenner has had the past couple of years. Fans can sometimes be overly obsessive wanting to know anything and everything about their favorite Hollywood celebrity and can (and have gone) overboard a number of times already.

Alain Ang
Alain Ang
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