Billie Eilish said that the internet was ruining her life, turns it off

Once in awhile social media can become so overwhelming for celebrities that they decide to take a break from it, whether its blocking comments or deactivating their account for a while to get away from it for a little bit.

Being constantly on the limelight is hard especially if people have an avenue to voice out their opinions about you via comments whether its in support, criticism or just outright trolling which can become overtly toxic, the reason why Billie Eilish said that she is done going over Instagram comments.

The young singer made a decision not a week ago but she seemed adamant, saying that it was a necessity for her. During a sit-down with BBC Breakfast’s Louise Minchin, the singer said that reading the comments was ruining her life.

The young singer has had an amazing month, releasing a new single, performing at the Oscars, and winning big at the Grammys. These accomplishments don’t deter her haters from saying harsh words, it actually makes things worse according to her.

“It’s weird like the cooler the things you get to do are, the more people hate you,” said the eighteen-year-old.

Eilish said that she understood that a lot of the negative and mean comments are from trolls who according to her will say or comment anything that will make somebody laugh, and according to the singer the trolls had gotten much worse the past weeks.

Things had gotten to the point where the young singer decided to just cold-turkey reading comments, but she made it clear that the trolls won’t stop her from interacting with her fans online. Eilish had been vocal regarding her struggles with her mental health, and it even reflects on her music sometimes, and dealing with trolls especially for such a young person in the spotlight can be very daunting.

Eilish explained that she always wants to be in touch with her fans and is fond of talking with them but the trolls have ruined the experience not only for her but for the fans as well. The eighteen-year-old pop star added that she still tries to like fan posts and still wants to talk to them and hang out with them because they are people just like her and considers them to be friends but the internet as a whole has been ruining her life so she had decided to turn it off.

You can watch the complete interview below:

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