The Weeknd wants to have babies with Bella Hadid, shades Selena Gomez?

Last week The Weeknd dropped his new single “After Hours” where he hints at wanting to start a family. And with classic The Weeknd fashion, goes cryptic with some verses regarding a past flame.

Fans quickly noticed that The Weeknd had a few pipe bombs nuzzled in his new single like breaking a former lover’s heart and making babies with someone.

After Hours seems to have Shades of The Weeknd’s Trilogy and holds lyrics hinting at him missing one of his former girlfriends. The song has lines asking ‘her’ where she was when he needed her the most and apologizes for breaking her heart.

The Weeknd also promises to “treat you better than I did before” and that he will “hold you down and not let you go”.

After The Weekend released the single fans were adamant that the song was about Bella Hadid since the two have been rumored to have gotten back together again even if there has been no formal confirmation from the two. The rapper spending the holidays with the Hadids further sparked the rumors.

Other parts of the lyrics hint at the singer owning up to their breakup and expressed that he won’t break her heart this time around. The song goes on to express that it was his fault, that he made her put her guard down and made her fall. Things get spicier though, the next few lyrics point that he might not be singing about Hadid, and hinted at some insights on his relationship with former girlfriend Selena Gomez.

The lyrics go on to say ‘I stayed with her in spite of you’, which had a different feel from the rest of the song’s lyrics. This possibly points out that the lyrics are hinting the time when The Weeknd and Gomez dated back in 2017 after the singer-songwriter’s first breakup with Hadid, and that he stayed with Selena to spite Bella.

A lot of fans have already put on their Sherlock hats and have tried to make sense of the song’s lyrics and who is it for or pointed at. A fan dove deep into the rabbit hole and explained the similarities between After Hours and Selena Gomez’s Crowded Room, alluding to the fact that this might actually be about Selena.

On the other hand, when it comes to the baby-making part, many fans are convinced that the song is about Bella. Nevertheless, The Weeknd dishes out amazing songs following heartbreak and fans agree.

You can listen After Hours on the link below:

Alain Ang
Alain Ang
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