Where to find the best retaining wall blocks?

There are a couple of different types of material you can use for a retaining wall in the garden, but opting for the block is easily the best of the options available.

Arriving with some different variations, the block structure allows the owner to be completely creative with their personal design or be as pragmatic as necessary. The choice is completely up to the homeowner.

Compared to stone, brick or timber, the gardener will be efficient with their time with the retaining wall falling into place without any hidden surprises. It is a winner for cost, for use of time, for durability, flexibility and it fights water intrusion!


A single block that can be applied to a retaining wall can cost as little as AUD $5.00 to AUD $10.00. This will clearly vary depending on the retailer and what specifics are used for the blocks, yet that beginning point illustrates just how affordable it is to choose this option over its peers.

Installation can also be helped with soil acquired on site, eliminating the need for fill-in materials that usually escalate this type of development.

Doubles as a dam

Retaining wall blocks can be so much more than a lovely feature to the garden. Should they be installed properly in the right location, retaining wall blocks can prevent serious corrosion that occurs naturally from landscapes that experience running water.

Once the pressure arrives to force landmass from sliding downwards, an enforced wall block will hold that firm to stop the runoff. The flat structure essentially acts as insurance when nature is attempting to reorder the balance.

Minimal maintenance

Given the strength and sturdiness of a retaining wall block structure in the garden, the need to check on the condition is almost null and void.

Whereas timber or other elements would require consistent upkeep, there is zero threat of rust or rot eating away at the establishment.

Perhaps a designer might want to change some colouring to suit a different plant type that is adjacent to the wall for cosmetic reasons, but once the wall has been installed, it can be left for years without a second glance needed.

Such is the ease to which these walls can be built, many opt for the DIY option to ensure that no alterations have to be made after the fact.


When the neighbour’s wooden wall is slowly decaying due to an ant infestation close by, you can rest easy knowing that the retaining blocks are remaining as reliably sturdy as ever.

Cracking will sometimes occur with masonry walls or poured concrete, but not for those segmental options that are crafted and cut beforehand. They will stand up to extreme heat, extreme cold, wind, rain and everything else in-between.

Some of the greatest structures in the world have survived centuries from applying the same building principles and should you be lucky enough, your wall can go decades without any actions required.

Aesthetically superior

Whatever suits your tastes, a retaining wall block can cater to it. Depending on the variation to the shape, size, texture and colour, a block can be crafted to the owner in the manner to which they see fit.

From simple commercial settings where the operate to be as serviceable as possible, to the most exquisite of surrounds where layouts are curved and varied – nothing is out of the question.

Those that live in colder climates can put some colour back into the garden with bright orange while others that reside in heat can opt for grey or white to contrast the natural tone. The only limit to a retaining wall block are those you are willing to enforce on yourself.

Grace Woods
Grace Woods
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