5 best practices for toddler discipline

If you are a parent, you know that teaching kids to behave is not as easy as it looks and is definitely a “no small feat” for sure! However, teaching your toddler the practices of the disciple is not rocket science as well.

It is recommended that we must make a positive environment while creating effective strategies for providing our kids with the best discipline methods. It always gets so overwhelming when other parents and relatives give you tons of opinion and examples of developmentally appropriate practice for toddlers. But the only things that can bring some actual difference in your way of parenting is constant thrive for bettering your tactics to teach your kids discipline, self-control and ethical behaviour.

We have come up with 5 best practices for toddler discipline so make sure to follow through smartly so that you can stop facing that walk of shame from everywhere when your child becomes resentful in a public place or a gathering.

5 Top Toddlers Discipline Techniques:

Here are some useful and appropriate tactics to teach your toddler discipline.

1. Show and tell

Remember that your kid will never follow what you will ask them to do. They always lead by action, not words! A “pep talk” might work in few cases but by the time your kid will lose the interest in what you have to say if you are not doing the exact. Hence, it would help if you kept in mind that the first and foremost thing you should do is to show teach them by example rather than trying to impose everything on them and going through painful trial and error.

Additionally, if you will focus on improving your kid’s routines, practices and do not carry it out by yourself then sooner or later your actions will not align with each other. And there will be an excruciating gap that will occur between you and your child. A parent needs to create an environment for their kids that is aligned with the excellent discipline so that kids can be a part of that world easily rather than making it a military-drill.

2. Praise the good deeds

It is great to tell your kids about what is right and what is wrong. Plus, stopping them from getting involved in corrupt practices at the right time is perfect. However, your child must know about all the good things he does as same as if he is being held accountable for the wrong things. It will definitely create a positive behaviour in them. Your child needs to know what are the things they are doing right, make them realize the positive impact they are bringing, recognize their constructive creation and try to praise them time to time.

This will help them in developing confidence and a healthy and brighter personality. Moreover, it will also help your toddler to differentiate the good and bad with its appropriate reactions. So, never miss a chance to praise your child because a happy and appreciative behaviour is pretty easy on the eyes and can be easily adopted by our young friends.

3. React only when needed

Sometimes kids get wayward and out of control as they do things to catch attention. That is why reacting to everything they do will only make things worse. Observe what their intentions are if your kid is throwing the food just to steal your attention then try to ignore that situation for a while.

Soon they will be out of food, and they will learn that their tactic was not effective as you didn’t look at them. So tricks like these can help kids learn the importance of consequences, and they will pull away from these non-disciplined actions.

4. Listen to them

We have discussed that actions speak louder than words but in case of when your child is speaking, try to listen to whatever they are saying. Observe the situation and think from where they might have learned what they are saying and most importantly, never ignore their questions!

Make sure that you let them know that you are listening to them and you will always be there when they have something to say. As parents, we must understand that the most powerful tool for effective discipline is attention. We should give our children the proper care that they deserve so that they can discuss their queries, problems and encounters with their parents.

5. Call a time-out

This trick is the foundation and core of teaching your toddler discipline. A call for time-out ca make all the difference in a kid’s routine and development. It can be extraordinarily useful and handy when your child breaks some rules. This time-out warning will let the child know that every action has consequences.

Moreover, you can “coined the term” as an unlimited call for stop doing whatever they are insisting or fighting on. It is highly suggested that parents must set some ground rules in the house in order to maintain the discipline. This will make the kids learn about the importance of things that are mandatory to follow.

Final thoughts

These are the few things that you should take into consideration while hustling towards your kid’s growth and improvements. You must also keep in mind that doesn’t just try to do things that are related to your kid. Involve them in your activities; tell them what you always want to do.

This way, they will explore new things and learn to understand and value the things that are important to others. You must make sure to share ideas with your kids because we all can agree that parents are the only trustworthy people in the world and these precious souls should get the best possible treatment to learn to better them.

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