Best Paediatricians in Melbourne

Best Paediatricians in Melbourne
Paediatrician examning his patient. Source: Pixabay

Below is a list of the top and leading Paediatricians in Melbourne. To help you find the best paediatrician located near you in Melbourne, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

This article is updated every 3-4 months.

Melbourneā€™s Best Paediatricians:

The top rated paediatricians dealing diagnoses and treating childhood illnesses, from minor health problems to serious diseases:

  • Dr Tanya Newnham ā€“ Barkers Road Specialist Centre
  • Dr David Tran ā€“ Melbourne Paediatrician
  • Dr Martin Tuszynski ā€“ Monash Childrenā€™s Hospital

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Barkers Road Specialist Centre

Dr Tanya Newnham - Barkers Road Specialist Centre
Dr Tanya Newnham ā€“ Barkers Road Specialist Centre

Dr Tanya Newnham is an experienced general paediatrician with an interest in behavioural and developmental paediatrics including Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Tanya initially trained at the University of Nottingham in the UK before migrating to Australia in 2002 and completing paediatric training at the Royal Childrenā€™s Hospital in Melbourne, gaining her Fellowship in 2009. During training, as well undertaking hospital based rotations, Tanya also worked in a number of specialist clinics in the Centre for Community Child Health, including unsettled babies, sleep, behaviour, ADHD, learning difficulties and encopresis/enuresis clinics.

In addition to private paediatrics, Tanya has an appointment with Eastern Health and works in Maroondah Hospitalā€™s Emergency Department and Short Stay Unit managing acute presentations, undertaking medical student teaching and running a public outpatient clinic. She has also jointly established the private community based multidisciplinary autism assessment clinic, Passport Autism Assessments, in Box Hill South.

Outside of work, Tanya spends her time with her young family and enjoys camping and travel.


Specializes inĀ Food Allergy, Asthma and allergic rhinitis, excema, Continence (constipation and wetting), Developmental delay, disability and intellectual disability, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attentional difficulties including ADHD, Feeding, sleeping and behavioural concerns, LearningĀ  and educational difficulties.


Address: 429 Barkers Road Kew, VIC 3101
Phone: (03) 9817 4688


ā€œThe staff is very attentive and accommodating. Doctors were able to assist us. Highly recommended.ā€ ā€“ Andrea S.

Melbourne Paediatrician

Dr David Tran - Melbourne Paediatrician
Dr David Tran ā€“ Melbourne Paediatrician

Dr David TranĀ is a Melbourne trained General Paediatrician who has a keen interest in looking after the health and well being of children of all ages. He did his Paediatric training through the Royal Childrenā€™s Hospital in Melbourne, and has had experience in Neonatal Medicine, General Paediatrics and Adolescent Health.Ā DavidĀ is a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians.


Specializes in Neonatal and Perinatal Medicine,Ā Newborn Growth and Development, Paediatric Emergency, Childhood Immunisations, Asthma and Allergy and Childhood Developmental and Behaviour.


Address: Suite 11/135 Plenty Rd Bundoora, VIC 3083
Phone: (03) 9468 0490


ā€œMet David at Northpark Private ā€“ he was fantastic! So easy to approach, ask questions to and we just instantly got this honest genuine feeling from him ā€“ just a lovely man, my husband and I were super happy with him! He visited us often during our stay checking on out bub and making sure she was well. David is clearly an expert in his field and we are so happy to have him care for our daughter. Thank you David!ā€ ā€“ Rach G.

Monash Childrenā€™s Hospital

Dr Martin Tuszynski - Monash Children's Hospital
Dr Martin Tuszynski ā€“ Monash Childrenā€™s Hospital

Dr Martin Tuszynski is a paediatrician with wide-rangingĀ expertise in child health, growth and development, and aĀ particular focus onĀ acuteĀ paediatrics.

Martin works in General Paediatrics and Paediatric Emergency at Monash Childrenā€™s Hospital.

Referrals are accepted forĀ infants, toddlers and primary school-agedĀ children up toĀ 12Ā years of age.


Growth & Development of the child, Unsettled Infants, Behaviour, Sleep, Learning, Physical Health and Mental Health of the child.


Address: 15 Murray St Clayton VIC 3168
Phone: (03) 1300 121 000


ā€œGreat doctor! Highly recommended.ā€ ā€“ Alicia G.