Best Nepalese Restaurants in Adelaide

Below is a list of the top and leading Nepalese Restaurants in Adelaide. To help you find the best Nepalese Restaurants located near you in Adelaide, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Adelaide’s Best Nepalese Restaurants:

The top rated Nepalese Restaurants in Adelaide are:

  • The Gurkha’s Restaurant
  • Taste Of Nepal
  • Himalayan Kitchen

The Gurkha’s Restaurant

The Gurkha’s Restaurant which is located in the Angas Street of Adelaide offers the best and the unbeatable Gurkhas. The dish itself came from an impressive history together with the Gurkha’s Military. The strong and tasty dish does not let customers down each time it is served together with the other signature dishes of the Gurkha’s Restaurant.

They also offer an enticing chef’s specials from Chicken Sekuwa, MoMo, Buffalo special, Chicken MoMo, Poleko Khasi and Vegi Momo. Regular customers are always there to taste the food from Gurkhas Land.


Chicken Sekuwa, MoMo, Buffalo special, Chicken MoMo, Poleko Khasi, Vegi Momo


Address: 73 Angas St, Adelaide SA 5000
Phone: (08) 8232 1388


“Great variety of food choices all well presented. Price are quite moderate for such good quality. We enjoyed a great shared meal with a few drinks – service was also great.” – Tony Peake

Taste of Nepal

Taste Of Nepal’s tale started when the founder has an everlasting enthusiasm for nourishment and a mission to share it to the community. They have Main Courses, Seafood, Sahakari Bhojan for Vegetarian, Clay Oven Specialities, Sides, Roti or Fresh Bread, Desserts and Drinks. The owner’s skills started after understanding how her mother cooked when he is in Nepal. After moving to India, he worked hard to be an expert in culinary.

Moving to Adelaide and working to various restaurants, he gained more experiences. He opened Taste Of Nepal in memory of his life back then at Nepal, considering visitors to be deities that is why preparing feasts to other people is a big fulfilment.

Today, they offer what is best just like offering food to visitors in Nepal. Customers will sure to like every little thing, from customer service to all their dishes. Nothing beats the taste of Nepal.


Momo, Phulaura, Sekuwa, Chef’s King Prawns, Clay-oven Mushroom, Beetroot Patties, Vegetarians Rejoice, Herb Roti Platter, Pork Cutlets, Poleko Khasi, Clay Oven Barra, Goat on the Bone, Khasiko Lamb, Khasiko Lamb, Kukhura Ko Masu, Wild Buffalo Special, Machha Tarkari, Piro Jhingey, Jhingey Ko Tarkari, Chef’s special Eggplant, Clay Oven Vegetables, Misayako Tarkari, Laukako Tarkari, Kwati, Pulau Rice, Steamed Basmati Rice, Saag, Bhuteko Vunta, Jhaneko Daal, Dahima, Pappadams, Roti, Garlic Roti, Cheese Roti


Address: 300 The Parade, Norwood SA 5068
Phone: (08) 8332 2788


“Highly recommend this restaurant. Nice decor and music and relaxing atmosphere. Service is outstanding. The food was fabulous especially the signature dish. Molly Dooker Shiraz goes perfectly with the food. Will be back.” – Helen Weight

Himalayan Kitchen

Himalayan Kitchen is a Nepalese Restaurant serving authentic Himalayan and Tibetan food since 2003 by Bhim and Holly. The restaurant is a family-owned and run establishment.

Himalayan Kitchen has already proved what they can serve the locals, visitors and everyone in their community. Customers can taste the history of Nepal from their delicious and affordable menu. The restaurant became bigger after years and now it is five of them are managing it.

They continue to give people reason to go back, and that’s because of their food people cannot ignore.


Momo Chicken, Momo Vegetable, Sekewa, Poleko Lamb, Bereco Roti, Pakora, Singada, Pokhara Ko Kukhura, Annapurna Macha, Sherpa Lamb Curry, Khasiko Masu, Channa, Dal Bhat, Chitwan Vegetable Curry, Palungo Ko Tarkari, Lemon Pumpkin, Raita, Bhat, Nepali Piro Achar, Hot Mint and Tomato Achar


Address: 73 Melbourne St, North Adelaide SA 5006
Phone: (08) 8267 3037


“Great family owned restaurant. Really friendly, excellent service, great food & very reasonable prices. Certainly recommend, been there at least 4 times and will certainly be going back.” – Matthew Williams

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