Reasons why good customer service is so important

“SMILE!”- something that needs to be told to so many customer service representatives. Why is that, do you think? Because it makes them seem happier? Friendly? More approachable?

If you ticked all of the above, you would be correct. Everyone gets it. Your job sucks and you hate your boss. No, your job isn’t the hardest in the world and no, it isn’t very complicated. BUT… everyone does get it.

It can be hard to maintain a happy composure, when you very much are the complete opposite. Should you be expected to? Debateable; though it IS important. Why? Let’s have a look.


Do you really believe that making yourself look annoyed, irritated and just generally agitated by the presence of customers makes them want to spend money at your place of work?

It really doesn’t. Good customer service means that you are open and approachable; ready for customers to speak to you and give your workplace business.


Making a good impression does not mean putting on your best Elvis voice for customers and shaking your hips. It means showing them that, just by walking into your business, you appreciate their presence, be it the case or not.

You will be what customers remember when they leave your business and you will be the first thing they judge when walking in.

Customers expect to be greeted when entering the door. This may not specifically mean yelling “hello” at them from across the room, but rather a polite acknowledgement that they are present.

The added bonus of this is that it let potential thieves know that you notice them if you run a store.


Unless you’re selling a product that quite literally turns people’s garbage into gold, you can very well expect that having poor customer service WILL equal poor business. Why? Great question.

A great way to think of it is that, when you serve ANY customer, what your aim should be is to sell them the experience. A smile. The product is just what will come along with it.

Have you ever heard the saying “You’ll attract more flies with honey than with vinegar”?

This is because your customers, from the moment they walk in are just browsing. They may or may not know what they want, buy it is very well up to you to turn that unsure person who just walked into the store into a paying customer.

Your job is not to get rid of products. It is to GAIN customers.

Your Employment

It may seem like an obvious thing to mention, but too many people in customer service believe that they are irreplaceable. You need to bear in mind that your job is very easily passed on to someone else.

If you display poor customer service skills, not only can you expect to have poor sales rates and poor opinions made of you, but you can just about kiss goodbye to your paycheque.

Your employer hired you to help run their business. The agreement made (be it unspoken or not) between an employer and the employee upon hiring is that you will exemplify a satisfactory standard of customer service.

Everyone Has Bad Days

Does having a bad day excuse your poor treatment of customers? No. Never. Every single person on earth has bad days (some more than most). Just because your day has been undesirable, does not give you an excuse not to do your job.

As stated in the last section; you were hired to help run the business and expected to meet a satisfactory standard of customer service.

If this isn’t motivation enough, consider that ten out of 50 customers may be having just as bad, if not worse of a day than you. You could easily be the one who turns that around and ALL that takes could be a simple smile.

Presenting customers with a good, friendly environment, in which they feel comfortable purchasing your products is paramount in ensuring the success of your business and/or the status of your employment.

With a simple smile, a few kind words and some gentle handling, you can make sure that every customer you come across leaves with a smile on their face, which will often leave you feeling much better yourself.

Work is work, and having a bad day is never an excuse to treat others poorly, let alone customers. By implementing the basic skills of good customer service, you will find a much higher control over your own life.

You will learn that not everything is the end of the world and that the difference between a good and bad day is as simple as a smile.

Treat each customer the way you would your own grandmother. With kindness and respect. Doing so, you’ll have a much happier and more rewarding job.

Grace Woods
Grace Woods
Grace is an entrepreneur with a unique passion for all things blogging. She has worked with a number of different businesses assisting their profitability and success rate.
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