5 best gay clubs in Sydney 🌈

The gay scene in Sydney is renowned across the globe with a wonderful collection of LGBTQ venues available across the progressive city. If you are in the mood to go out to a gay club in one of the largest cosmopolitan cities in the world, you may get overwhelmed with all of the choices available to you. Instead of wasting your night scouring the internet for a good place to go to, we have done the research for you and compiled all of the best places into one list.

So whether you’re looking for a quiet spot for a beer or something more energetic like a pulsating dance floor we have got something for everyone. There definitely isn’t a shortage of wonderful LGBTQ gems scattered across Sydney so we tried to find the 5 top that you need to attend while you are in the city.

Local gay bars, pubs and clubs in Sydney:

No.: Club: Website:
1 The Imperial Erskineville www.imperialerskineville.com.au
2 Oxford Hotel www.theoxfordhotel.com.au
3 Stonewall www.stonewallhotel.com
4 Green Park Hotel www.greenparkhotel.com.au
5 The Beresford www.merivale.com

#1 The Imperial Hotel

Address: 35 Erskineville Rd, Erskineville NSW 2043

If you are up to date with your pop culture references you will know that this is the venue that Bernadeete Bassenger, Felicia Jollygoodfellow and Mitzi Del Bra set off on their adventure at the beginning of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. Even after years have passed since the release of the 1994 movie, The Imperial Erskineville is still one of Sydney’s most visited and famous gay bars.

On the ground floor in the restaurant of Priscilla’s you will be greeted to a shrine for the great Aussie film. The rooftop bar called the Imperial Up serves some of Sydney’s most divine cocktails that you need to try. If you are up for a big night or just in the mood for some dancing, the Basement features live performances and a safe space for you to express yourself on the dance floor.

Located just outside of Newtown, the Impy is an easy place to get to that runs until 3am on the weekend. If you can’t manage to get their on the weekend, throughout the week the venue is open till midnight. Most people get there by taking the train and walking just a small distance to get a taste of Sydney’s night life. If you only have the chance to visit a few of Sydney’s gay clubs this venue should definitely be on your list.

#2 Oxford Hotel

Address: 134 Oxford St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010

The Oxford Hotel features four very different spaces that is bound to blow the minds of any person walking into the place. The ground floor features a bistro and terrace which is the Oxford Bar. Underground is the featured basement that gets very lively and booming on every night. The top floor features the very sophisticated Polo Lounge that can be a refreshing change of scenery if you are trying to get away from the pumping music and sweaty bodies around you like every other weekend. However the star of the Oxford Hotel is located on the first floor which is Ginger’s.

Ginger’s is a cocktail bar that is styled with a New York approach. The bar also features intimate booths with a mezzanine searing. You can also get a glimpse of the cabaret and live performances on the main stage every weekend. Unlike all the other clubs and bars in Sydney, the Oxford Hotel is open til 3am every night. That’s right; if you’re in the mood for a loud and action packed Tuesday evening you have found the right place.

If the Oxford Hotel sounds like a place that you would be interest in, head down to Oxford Street in Darlinghurst to get a nightlife experience that you won’t forget.

#3 Stonewall

Photo: Contributions from Jake Edwards (Google Local Guide)

Address: 175 Oxford St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010

The Stonewall is the life and blood of Sydney’s gay club scene. Located right in the middle of Oxford Street, the complex of bars is located mere metres from the rainbow flag in Taylor Square. The venue is named after the original New York City variant but the Aussie adaption features three different floors of bars with live entertainment.

If you are a fan of drag shows then be sure to come by on Friday and Saturday night. Additionally the venue has been supporting several different LGBTQ organisations and charities for the past 2 decades. Similar to the Oxford Hotel, Stonewall is open every night until 2.30am.

When you are in the mood for a loud and nightlife atmosphere this is the venue that you have been searching for. Additional to the array of different bars and performances they have to offer, Stonewall also does late night meals that are perfect for the cab ride or stumble home.

#4 Green Park Hotel

Best Gay Club Hotel in Sydney
Photo: Screenshot from greenparkhotel.com.au

Address: 360 Victoria St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010

Now while the Green Park Hotel isn’t advertised as a gay club, it does attract a large portion of LGBTQ members to come on down. The very elegant pub is located in between Oxford Street and Kings Cross so it’s very easy to get to. The staff at the venue deserve the biggest of props as they are super friendly and approachable which helps welcome everyone in and promotes the vibe of acceptance.  If you are in the Darlinghurst area and are in the mood for a cheeky brewsky and a game of pool we may have found the perfect venue for you.

The Green Park Hotel is open till 2am on Thursday to Saturday and closes at midnight during the week. This venue is relatively cheaper compared to some of the other places we have and will mention on this list. So if you are on a somewhat of a budget but still want to experience some of Sydney’s night life be sure to drop by the Green Park Hotel.

#5 The Beresford

Beresford Hotel
Photo: Screenshot from merivale.com/venues/theberesford

Address: 354 Bourke St, Surry Hills NSW 2010

The Beresford used to be one of Sydney’s most renounced gay bars but has gone through a small identity change. While it still is a hotspot for the LGBTQ community to hang out, they now advertise as a neighbourhood pub that I must agree that they do have something to offer for everyone. If you are after that staple gay club experience I would definitely recommend coming down on Sunday.

If you do make it down to Bourke Street for the big event you will be greeted by a large crowd hanging about in the courtyard before the party transitions upstairs to where the dance floor is. The Beresford stays open until 1am on all nights except for Monday and Tuesday. It’s tucked away in Surry Hills and is also a perfect venue if you are in the mood for some lunch or dinner. The specialty of the Beresford is an array of pub grub and Italian food that is sure to satisfy any type of craving that you may have.

The atmosphere of the place is a nice outdoorsy vibe with a hint of style. If you are planning on coming by be sure to dress stylish as to not be turned away.

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