Best DJs in Hobart

Below is a list of the top and leading DJs in Hobart. To help you find the best DJs located near you in Hobart, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

This article is updated every 3-4 months.

Hobart’s Best DJs:

The top rated DJs in Hobart are:

  • Andy Murphy – Instinct Music Entertainment
  • Damien Goundrie – The Groove Academy
  • Declan Foley – The Foley Artists

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Instinct Music Entertainment

Andy Murphy - Instinct Music Entertainment
Andy Murphy – Instinct Music Entertainment

Andy Murphy delved into the electronic music career so well, it was no surprise to him that the music would be incredible, the industry would be nothing but impressed and the crowds, well- simply amped. At a young age, this Melbourne born and bred DJ, producer and recently appointed fashion ambassador, sought out to contain the crowds craving the magnetic acoustic arrangement commonly known as electronica.

Signed and touring with Australia’s biggest club brand and label Onelove, Andy Murphy brings to the party what most would call mayhem. With a heightening sound that glues with the rumble of a dance floor and the roars at a music festival, this influential artist knows exactly what’s required.


Awards Nights, Charity Events, Gala Dinner, Christmas Events, Weddings, Birthday, Dinner Dance, Birthday


Address45 Porter St, Prahran VIC 3181
Phone: 1300 881611


“We came upon Instinct in a round about way searching for an old favourite of ours to perform at our wedding. Unfortunately for us he wasn’t available for our event but Alistair was great at finding out exactly what we wanted and coming up with a great selection of acts who could suit or needs. Booking was quick and easy and the night went off without a hitch. Joey C was great on the guitar for dinner and was happy to share the stage with my nieces who were very keen to show off their dancing skills. Rachel C followed and got everyone up on the dance floor for the rest of the night. Her voice is amazing and her song selections were top notch. I highly recommend Instinct Entertainment to anyone for any event!” – Abby Durrant

The Groove Academy

Damien Goundrie - The Groove Academy
Damien Goundrie – The Groove Academy

Damien Goundrie can satisfy any crowd – whether they are dancing on the tables howling for more, lounging about having quiet drinks or anything in between. Beginning his DJ career in Tasmania in 1989, he quickly secured residencies at Hobart’s best clubs, as well as touring the country performing alongside international and interstate DJs. After playing national events like Vibes on a Summer’s Day and the Pacific Circle Dance Music Conference, he moved to Sydney in 1998 to extend his music career, landing management positions at Sanity Dance Arena in Pitt Street Mall, then Reachin Records on Oxford Street, which was at the time Sydney’s elite underground record store; and taking up the position of Music Director and Assistant Program Director at Rhythm FM, a national based Dance radio station.


Corporate Events, Nightclubs, Wedding Packages, Live Bands, DJs, Acoustic Artists, Music Programming


Address32/1 Market St, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: 1300 322578


“You and your team are absolutely amazing. The music was sensational! There was absolutely nothing I could have changed to make it any better!” – PA TO MANAGING DIRECTOR AMALGAMATED HOLDINGS LIMITED

The Foley Artists

Declan Foley - The Foley Artists
Declan Foley – The Foley Artists

Declan Foley is the older twin and considers himself the alpha male in the relationship with brother Hugh. Declan is able to juggle being a musician and a sportsman and peruses both passions with energy and dedication. Declan enjoys scavenging in the fridge and reenacting scenes from Harry Potter.


3 Piece Band, Duo, Solo, and a unique DJ Experience


Address: Hobart, Tasmania, but can travel upon request
Phone: 041757 4219


“They produced an enchanting “aether” of music that reached out and connected the soul of each guest and made everyone feel that warm fuzzy feeling: love” – Abay + Aleisha


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