Benefits of using health apps

Health and better ageing come from taking each day and living healthy habits. These healthy habits include making time for socialisation, relaxation, exercise, eating nutritiously and taking care of sleep patterns and self-care.

When leading a busy life, modern professionals may gain mastery of their health through the use of apps. Health apps cover a wide variety of health promotion activities, with primary health care as its major focus. Prevention of health problems, through actively participating in choices that prioritise health, will assist the modern individual to live a long productive life.

Overall well being

Mental health is as critical to a life well lived as is sleep and good nutrition and exercise. The physical aspects of taking care of one’s health include monitoring mental health states. One app for improving mental health is Happify.

Happify is marketed as an app that utilises the latest in science and innovation in order to monitor mental health states. The claim on their website is that the creators have built into it the latest in evidence based practice in order to alleviate depression and promote general well being. 

The creators of the app have used statistical data gathered from end users that demonstrate a clear improvement in mental health after a number of weeks of use.

Happify has a free version, and offers a feature rich subscription upgrade. It is worth trying the free version in order to determine whether or not you would find it suitable to use.

Improve mental health

Trialling an app via a free version allows for the development of the habit of spending time each day mindfully improving mental health.

Business solutions for workers are also being integrated as more employers are requiring their employees to participate in using apps such as Happify to monitor their well being.

A fun and participatory way to improve workplace health is through the use of cognitive improvement tools. Happy workers are productive workers; therefore it makes economic sense for enterprises to invest in apps as a health promotion solution.

Health promotion can negate workplace health and safety issues. Mindfully aware and happy employees and contractors are more likely to conduct themselves safely.

To measure your outcome

Another app that provides access to measurable outcomes combines the use of monitors placed on the body to determine stats such as heart rate, movement and sleep patterns.

Fitbits, Jawbone, Nike Bands and other types of fitness monitors integrate the use of an app so that the user can monitor their daily health regime mindfully.

By setting concrete goals, and having them monitored, a user can take in the metrics, and schedule daily improvements in order to increase better health baselines.

When health statistics are measured, awareness becomes habitually present. Reminders to move assist people in sedentary office positions to get up and this will improve health by preventing poor health and poor posture.

Cumulative exercise has been clearly correlated with good general overall fitness and increased cardiovascular health, and better blood glycaemic levels.

A health monitor won’t take blood glucose levels, but it will help a user monitor how much activity they are getting in order to create a constant level of activity throughout the day.

Health monitors and their compatriot apps can provide feedback to primary health care workers and primary health care physicians, and they can work with the patient to help improve health baselines.

To cultivate healthy habits

Daily habits take a while to develop. Scientific studies have outlined that a habit takes 66 days to develop. Creating a daily regime of health can be assisted by apps that remind the user via set alerts to engage in health related activities.

Apps such as habit forge use the power of alerts, combined with the engagement of support from a community to assist the user to form healthy habits.

Other habit forming apps include statistical measuring apps, that allow you to track your progress, and also apps that allow you to set manual reminders.

Many of these habit apps are about developing the right mindset, and by integrating health habits into daily reminders, and tracking progress, these apps will all work together to improve overall health.

To generate weight loss

Weight loss apps that include diet programs and fitness plans to have at home also will help develop healthy lifestyles and improve overall health.

Weight loss should be conducted under the supervision of a physician to ensure that it is done in a healthy way and helps to maintain health while improving quality of life.

Fitness apps do not allow for a professionally tailored workout regime such as that given by an exercise physiologist, so people with any kind of medical issue should undergo a thorough physical health examination in order to assess the suitability of a particular eating plan or fitness recommendation.

A doctor or health professional can recommend safe modifications to an eating or exercise plan where necessary.

Apps are a wonderful way of integrating health into your daily life, just ensure that you do use wisdom and discuss any changes to eating, exercise, medication or sleep patterns with your treating medical practitioner.

Rosemary Mathew
Rosemary Mathew
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