What makes sapphire rings so beautiful?

Rarely will a finer sight be seen that a bright sapphire ring that has been cut and polished to perfection. Being a gem that is the birthstone for September, this is an item that syncs in with the dawn of springtime as it represents all that is beautiful about the world.

The sapphire has a certain quality to it that is almost intangible and mesmerising, drawing in the eye with artistic features and designs that makes it a truly fabulous asset. There are many reasons to indulge in a sapphire ring, yet these five explain why it is an investment worth making for that special someone.

Star power

From pop stars to British royalty, sapphire rings are a premium item to possess. Duchess Kate Middleton has regularly been spotted wearing a sapphire ring, following the trend that begun with the late Princess Diana.

It is not just the domain of Buckingham Palace where these beauties can be seen however. From Victoria Beckham to Jennifer Aniston, Scarlett Johansson, Elizabeth Hurley and many more A-list celebrities have been snapped by the paparazzi strutting the red carpet with this attraction on their finger.

Hollywood will always gravitate to what is most fashionable and when it comes to the premium type of engagement ring or gift of affection, this is the one they want.

Calming emotion

Blue is both the colour of the sea and the sky, and having that direct association to such beautiful domains of the natural landscape, it is only human nature to gravitate to blue objects.

The experts who study the meaning behind colour see blue as something that connotes relaxation, calm and tranquility to ease the soul and center the individual back to a sense of self.

Those are qualities that are incredibly valuable, especially in a social environment where day-to-day living is becoming increasingly stressful. Blue also carries added meaning to intimate comfort, truth, stability, cleanliness, strength, wisdom, faith, confidence and even heaven.

Although blue is mostly associated with masculinity, the sparkling blue showcased in the sapphire transcends that implication to be a vibrant application for anyone to wear with pride.


Sapphire rings are some of the best in the world. One of these precious items can be purchased between $34.99 to $56,000 and upwards, illustrating how applicable they are to people of all different types of means.

If blue is not the preferred colour of choice, there are jewelers who can source sapphires that glow in green, yellow, purple and orange to be in the “parti sapphires” category. So long as they are not red (as they are rubies), the sapphire gemstone can cater to a number of alternative tastes.

That does not even touch on the designs, coming in the form of a diamond band, a champagne peach ring, French platinum, green and black rhodium, lavender, uncut pink, wedding band, butter yellow and many more.

Ancient myths

Symbolism is not lost on these beautiful gemstones, having a rich tapestry of cultures and significance across every corner of the globe. In ancient times, the sapphire would come to represent Friday, which by extension, would be dedicated to the planet Venus.

The Greeks associated the mineral with Apollo and would wear an item to open what they called their “third eye,” a method of hearing and learning of a pronouncement from the grand oracle.

For the Christian community, sapphires are considered stones of destiny, falling in line with the three key crossbars of destiny, hope and faith. Other cultures have viewed sapphire as an antidote to poison by warding off toxins that aim to do harm to the body.

Spectacular presentation

Whether they are encrusted in titanium or laid out in the form of a beautiful necklace, the array of presentations that can come with sapphire is spectacular.

The rings themselves will be cut to suit the taste of the buyer, shifting from the classical diamond or pear shape to an oval design, allowing the stunning carats to be the main attraction while the additional features compliment the beauty of the ring.

Sourcing an asset that signifies a lifetime commitment is a vital decision to make and opting for a sapphire ring in that context is an investment well made.

Talia Williamson
Talia Williamson
Talia loves all things fashion and beauty. She has dedicated many years of her life towards this industry and she has first hand experience with the best it has to offer. Contact: [email protected]
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