Why are amethyst rings so popular?

Amethyst rings are a beautiful, simple and elegant piece of jewelry that compliments just about any style of dress or attire.

No matter what the occasion, the glistening glow of purple will stand out from the crowd among items of clothing that are white, black, yellow or other variations. The clear crystal that is showcased in deep purple or violet pink derives from quartz, the most common mineral on the planet.

This accessibility around the world places this particular ring in a unique situation. On one hand it is a precious and unique item that can be reserved for those that have a small fortune to spend, while also being available to those that have more modest means.

In an age where smart phones and fidget spinners are trending around the globe, there is still a niche reserved for the finer things in life. This is why the amethyst ring continues to be so popular in 2017.

Grabs the eye

A standard sapphire or diamond ring is certainly appealing at close inspection, yet an amethyst ring has a degree of swagger and sex appeal that few can match.

Purple is an aesthetically pleasing colour by any measure and when it is worn out at a function, party or social event, it will clearly be noticed among a crowd setting.

More modest rings are available, but for those who are not shy about acquiring a piece of jewelry that lends itself to a glance or two from a third party, then this avenue is recommended.

Rings for middle and upper class

Given an approximate rate of $8.00 per carat, there is almost no limitation when it comes to this mineral.

Prices range anywhere between $149.00 to $3,675.00 in market value and this flexibility means that the material can suit those that need to save or the more affluent who can purchase the very best.

Gemstones that can satisfy these two contrasting markets are not overly common and because of this, the amethyst rings are an incredibly valuable commodity.

Rich history

The title of amethyst originated from the Ancient Greek term “amethystos” which loosely translates to “not intoxicated” or providing a “remedy against drunkenness.”

Those Greeks considered drinking from cups carved out of amethyst as a means of fighting against hangovers to stay lucid as they party into the long hours of the night.

With gemstones found in the luxurious surrounds of Brazil and worshipped by Tibetan culture in Far East Asia, the rich history that emanates from this stone is worthy of global admiration.

Wedding and engagement gold

Shopping for that ideal wedding ring can be a stressful experience where the buyer can be literally swamped for choice. Do they opt for a classical diamond ring, a sapphire or a beautiful gemstone that will be a perfect compliment to a perfect day?

The amethyst can arrive with different hues that lend stronger towards a red or blue colour, often depending on the light it is exposed to. Yet this makes the ring all the more appealing for an engagement present and ultimately to wear down the isle.


Scratching, wear and tear will occur with any personal item if worn long enough. There is no escaping this fact. In the case of an amethyst ring though, they are more durable than on initial inspection.

Rings are generally ranked in this domain on something called the Mohs hardness scale. The scientific method has a shifting linear scale depending on the type of mineral and in the case of an amethyst, they sit on a rating of 7.0.

This means that the ring will require minimal maintenance and care so long as it is not placed in harms way or exposed to extended periods of sunlight – a scenario that can quickly drain the colour.

Variety of styles and presentations

While the ring is by far the most popular use for amethyst materials, it can be purchased in a variety of forms that are traditional or new age.

From bracelets to earrings, necklaces and pendants, jewelers have the skill and ability to transform a standard rock into something quite magnificent.

From heart-shaped rings to standard gemstone, halo-style, white gold carat, bezel set, yellow gold, rose gold, platinum, vermeil or silver sterling, the buyer can acquire whatever their heart desires in a presentation that suits their tastes.

Talia Williamson
Talia Williamson
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