Bachelor in Paradise arrivals cause drama as Megan wants the guys and the girls

The new arrivals on last night’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise certainly put their mark on the competition early.

As always, there was no shortage of drama but the new contestants may have gotten a bit more than they have bargained for.

Episode three of Bachelor in Paradise resumes the morning after the first rose ceremony which saw Davey and Brett go home. But for those who thought that the numbers were quickly diminishing, three new members entered to ensure it remained a full house.

Kiera gets the first date card of the show and without hesitation takes Michael away despite having earlier said he wasn’t “her type”. Of course, Tara doesn’t react well having given Michael a rose the night before and virtually spending all her time with him.

The two go on an interesting date that involves riding horses before settling in for a secluded picnic on the beach. Michael doesn’t hold back saying “She’s absolutely stunning. She’s beautiful…I really hoped she was going to be here.” Except he is saying these things about Tara so I think we know where that’s going.

Back at the Bachelor in Paradise resort, Florence is constantly whining about how Jake isn’t paying her any attention now that he has a rose. The negativity continues for Florence as she complains that she is now just waiting for someone to come in to the Bachelor in Paradise resort and “sweep me off my feet”.

New Arrivals at Bachelor in Paradise

Unfortunately for Florence, the first new arrival is “pot plant Jarrod” as she calls him.

Jarrod says that we are going to see “a whole new person” before continuing by saying that “I’ve grown some stubble” like that is some kind of wild innovation.

Whilst Jarrod makes fun of himself on camera, the rest of the resort members join in a chorus of laughter upon realising he is on the island. It’s clear that Florence has no interest in Jarrod saying that whoever he chooses to use his date card on should “run for cover”.

It doesn’t take long for another Bachelor in Paradise arrival and this time it is Ali from season one of The Bachelor. She clearly still has some reservations about being nicknamed the “stage 5 clinger” during her time on the show spending a good couple of minutes on it in her first time on camera.

It appears that one clinger attracts another with Jarrod immediately in love, “Ali…that’s all we’re really focusing on right now…God’s gift. Wow.”

Jake takes a small liking to her and once again Florence is not impressed, continuing her negativity for the duration of the episode.

The final arrival for the episode is none other than Megan Marx who famously left the show saying that Richie wasn’t the guy for her before entering into a same-sex relationship. Now single she is ready to “hook up with guys and girls in paradise.”

Osher is incredibly impressed by this saying “you have so many options!” as if it’s the first time he has even heard of bisexuals existing.

Megan sits down and must choose a date based on their personality. The stunt is that these personalities are genderless so as to increase the hype around her. Luckily, she picks Jake – cue a negative reaction from Florence – and we find out that Megan is another girl that he has been talking to on the outside.

They talk and chat about their long friendship over dinner before Jake steals a quick kiss as they enter the resort to join the others.

The next episode of Bachelor in Paradise sees Megan enter the resort to a cold reaction whilst Jarrod chooses Ali for his date.


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