How to get into an assisted living facility in Sydney

Ready to make the switch to assisted living in Sydney? There are many disability support services available to help you through this process, like the friendly team at Civic.

There are three main types of assisted living: community-based, independent, and home care. This article shares what you need to know about assisted living and how to apply.

Choose your type of assisted living

The type of accommodation you choose will depend on your unique needs and lifestyle. Here are the differences between each one:


This form of accommodation involves living in a private or semi-private unit or house with others. This allows residents to live mostly independently whilst having access to a supportive and social environment. Support will be given by staff where it is needed; residents can choose which daily tasks they want help with – for example, help with cooking meals and/or help with medical care.

Home care

This option allows people to receive medical and personal assistance whilst living at home. This can benefit people with disabilities by allowing them to stay in their familiar and comfortable home environment. This option generally provides greater independence for residents, though 24/7 care can be very expensive (and may not always be available).


Independent living is somewhat in between community-based living and home care – residents live in a private unit but have access to a shared common area with others. It does not offer personal assistance with daily tasks or ongoing medical care. It does provide convenient access to things like laundry services, on-site dining, entertainment activities and social events. The benefit of this accommodation is that it minimises daily responsibilities and allows residents to have a laidback, calm lifestyle.

How to get into an assisted living facility in Sydney
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How to apply

Find a provider

Start by having a look for reputable disability support providers in your local area. It is best to visit each one in person and have a chat with staff to get a sense of what they are like, what they can provide, and which form of assisted living they think may be suitable for your needs. If you are pursuing community-based or independent living, you may want to take a tour of the facilities. Ensure you check their price structure (make sure it’s transparent with no hidden fees).

Explore funding options

Start by establishing your budget and how you will fund assisted living. There are several funding options available, including:


The National Disability Insurance Scheme can provide eligible people with funding for Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) and Supported Independent Living. It is worth noting that only around 6% of people with a disability are currently able to receive SDA funding.

State funded disability support

For people not eligible for NDIS funding, state funded support may be an option. Check with your state to see if you can access assisted living funding.


You are also able to pay for assisted living with your own money. This may be money you have earned through work or by selling property or assets.


Ensure that you explore all your options regarding assisted living. You may want to get family or friends to help you throughout the process. Remember that disability support services are always available to assist you if you need it!

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