What is the NDIS and how can it help you?

The NDIS is an acronym for the National Disability Insurance Scheme. It supports those with permanent disabilities that affect their ability to take part in the everyday activities.

The scheme hopes to improve the lives of thousands of Australians who are suffering from a disability through supporting their social and economic participation and help them meet their goals. This may include striving for greater independence, involvement in your community and improving overall wellbeing.

It is important that we recognise all our Australian citizens with the implementation of programs such as this. The initiative is a great step towards improving the quality of life for all Australians, as well as focusing on early intervention for either you or your child.

Before we take a look at some of the ways the initiative can help you, it is important to recognise the eligibility of the scheme. You must be under 65 when you first apply for the scheme, you must be an Australian citizen and you must suffer from a permanent condition that significantly reduces you to participate in the everyday activities.

Let’s take a look how NDIS therapy in Sydney can help you:

Information and Referral

Support usually starts with easy access to information and services, this involves being able to easily find out what is currently available in the community. Anyone who is suffering from a disability can approach for advice, information and extra support services.

The scheme also includes helping individuals and families find jobs and local community activities. The main benefits of the initiative is providing the necessary support networks such as information and better support systems, often people with disabilities don’t have the necessary professional support and guidance that is so important in the development of the individual.

ndis information
The NDIS helps provide as much information as possible. Photo: Wavebreak Media Ltd, Bigstock

Individualised Plans and Goals

If you are eligible for the scheme, you will be provided with an individualised plan that tailors to your disability and life goals. The plan will significantly be based about what you want to achieve in life now and in the future.

Lifetime commitment is also a huge benefit of the program, the framework in place means that the necessary support for people who need it the most will always be available. The ongoing recognition that goals and plans may change over time meaning the professional care will not go unnoticed.

People with cognitive and emotional impairments can often find it difficult to implement a plan due to the restraints the disability brings. NDIS therapy in Sydney can assist with achieving the strategies in place through professional guidance to understand the individualised plans what the goals is.

Assistive Technology

There is technology out there that is capable of providing significant enhancements in the overall wellbeing of someone’s condition. It does this by increasing the safety with which the task is performed which is a very important issue amongst the current technology and procedures in place.

If the disability is permanent, the scheme will ensure they will help with the funding and ongoing support to help reach your goals and aspirations. Some examples include wheelchairs, long handles or adapted grip equipment and over toilet frames.

Provides Housing Assistance

The importance for improved housing conditions is one of the core strategies for the initiative. We all know the importance of affordable and stable housing for those with disabilities in being able to achieve their long term goals and aspirations.

The scheme will provide ongoing support mechanisms for individuals who are seeking the necessary housing to be able to live in our society and have access to as much support as possible.

ndis therapy
NDIS provides ongoing support.

Hearing Loss Support

With the help of modern technology, people will hearing loss can enjoy a comfortable and rewarding life. The ongoing improvements in the lip reading and sign language significantly assist the individual in communication and interaction whether it is at school, work or at home.

The scheme provides choice and control for patients over how they want to use those services. Never will you be forced to do something you don’t want to. One of the great benefits of hearing loss support is the networking the professional care provides, connecting people who have hearing loss can serve as a substantial confidence boost.

It is important that we as a nation recognise the many disabled Australians in our society who are seeking the most normal life as possible. Providing the necessary networks through ongoing support systems, providing housing and assisting people with their overall goals and life aspirations is very important.

Often the disabilities make the patient feel like they are excluded from society; the scheme hopes to reverse that connotation. If you know someone suffering from a permanent disability, visiting a NDIS therapy in Sydney will significant enhance individual’s life.

Grace Woods
Grace Woods
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