Are you looking for luxurious sleep experience, consider bamboo sheets

Being eco-friendly is a must, and there is nothing equal to bamboo. It is self-sustainable and does not need pesticides or fertilizers of any type. Bamboo thrives on simple two components rain and sunshine. Comparatively, cotton consumes pesticides of 20% and around 11% fertilizers.

Bamboo is a natural anti-microbial agent protecting the wood from diseases, insects, and attacks. The same goes with bamboo sheets that are organic bamboo bed sheets gaining prominence. This is mainly owing to its eco-friendliness.

Why bamboo sheets?

Bamboo is new relatively to people as they are not aware of the bamboo bedding. The fact is that bamboo linen from Linenly is the most comfortable and soft bamboo bedding. Your experience with bamboo sheets will be satisfying as it is 100% organic and eco-friendly, offering a unique experience.

There is a lot of effort and time invested in creating unique fabrics that will surpass your expectation, night after night.  The range of bedding in bamboo presents a combination of perfect weight, thread count, and weaving technique to offer irresistibly soft feel ensuring the most required refreshing sleep.

The astonishing thermodynamic technology and breathability factors in bamboo are apparent in the organic pillowcases, bed sheets, duvet covers, and linen. They possess the ability to regulate the temperature of your body and maintain to keep you fresh and warm, at one time.

Why linenly?

Linenly produces premium bamboo sheets representing love for the planet and as a celebration of life. It offers cutting-edge technology and weaves it to create a perfect blend to meet ancient traditions.

The Company ensures delicate craftsmanship associated with pioneering thinking that is now bringing the most comfortable, luxurious, and sustainable experience of sleeping then you can ever imagine.

Science at the rear

The bamboo sheets science at the rear involves:

  • Certified farmers harvesting organic Bamboo cut into pieces. It is soaked into a solution such that the liquid is then recycled.
  • Very cautiously threads of superior quality are chosen to weave bamboo sheets that are 100% organic. The bamboo sheets offer superb comfort with durability, thereby creating the coziest, softest, and luxurious sleep experience.

The influence of Environment

Bamboo linen and plants are bountiful with benefits for the planet and health. The fact is well-known that the most polluting industry is the textile industry after petrol, and it is best to look for sustainable alternatives over conventional choices, namely, polyester, cotton, or microfiber.

Bamboo helps to keep our supplies of freshwater clean, purifies the air we inhale, fights the soil erosion, and benefits the entire ecosystem.

Advantages of bamboo sheets


Buying new bedding implies the main concern is it comfortable. There is no doubt that the organic bamboo sheets and bedding offer advantage than all other bedding types, particularly assuring comfort. Especially, the bamboo bedsheets are incredibly soft, and the bamboo bedding is softer over cotton.

The breathable factor is important that is assured by bamboo bedsheets and bedding. It is breathable as they do not trap under the covers of excess heat. They stay cool always and are comfortable, regardless of the season.


Bamboo bedsheets reduce moisture and allergies. This is because they are naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic. Thus the primary triggers of dust mites, allergies are kept away.

These advantages are helpful even to children highly sensitive to diseases and allergies. It is time to swap your children’s bedding for bamboo sheets and linen.


Anything from Mother Earth is always safe, and Bamboo bedsheets are truly durable in comparison to all other traditional sheets.  The premium bamboo used by Linenly is stretched across the sheet entire length. As the fibers are stretched for the sheets entire length, the bamboo bedsheets do not pill and tear as the cotton sheets.

Bamboo refers to bamboo bedsheets that do not absorb your skin oils. They do not become gray and yellow over time, and this keeps bamboo bedsheets looking brand-new for years.

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Scott Jack
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