Caitlyn Jenner shares that she hasn’t talked to Khloe Kardashian in years

Caitlyn Jenner who is currently filming a UK reality television show ‘I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here‘ and has shared that she has not talked to Khloe Kardashian for half a decade.

The reality television show is Survivor-Esque, marooning the celebrity contestants in the jungles of Australia and has to compete in various grueling challenges for sustenance. Jenner opened up on last week’s episode about coming out as a trans woman to her family. She said that she came out to her kids, starting with her son Brandon, who told her that he had always been proud to be her son and after coming out to him, he has never been even more proud.

The reality television star added that most of her family has been very supportive save for daughter Khloe Kardashian who was upset during her transition. Jenner stated that she went through each child of hers and Khloe was very upset about something in her transition process and have yet to talk to her daughter after over five years.

Jenner shared that they were not this distant before her coming out and that she brought up Khloe since she was just a little girl and lamented that she did not know what Khloe’s issues are. 

Khloe in the past has been very vocal about how Caitlyn portrayed Kris Jenner during a Vanity Fair cover back in 2015 and in Caitlyn’s 2017 memoir. Viewers did not take kindly to Caitlyn’s comments about Khloe, with some of Khloe’s fans going to social media about the situation.

A viewer tweeted and said that they love Caitlyn, but it was unfair of her to talk about Khloe the manner that she did with apparently having issues with her transition but in reality, it was how she treated Khloe’s mother, Kris.

The Kardashian family drama continues with Kendall Jenner posting a story on Instagram wishing Caitlyn luck on the reality show but added a defense for herself from fans who were pointing fingers at her for not supporting her father.

Kendall posted saying that just because she was not posting does not mean that she was not supporting her dad and asked everyone to chill out.

People have been very supportive of Caitlyn ever since her transition and the reason as to why she is getting this amount of heat after her comments in the reality show was not because of her reasons but on how she was perplexed about why her step-daughter is not talking to her.


Alain Ang
Alain Ang
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