7 Affordable Traditional Dresses For Your Colorful And Festive Mood

Traditional wears sometimes cost you your whole month’s fashion budget. To be honest they are attractive and we are ready to pay whatever is asked for. But this can’t go on and on. It’ll harm your credit card bills.

Here we have a list of amazingly cheap traditional dresses which you can add to your collection by maintaining your economic equilibrium.

Traditional Dresses For Your Next Fashion Stint

1. Indian Ethnics

Indian Ethnic market is on the rise for a few decades and now it’s growing exponentially. If you have a little economic knowledge you may know what happens when such a market becomes an open market. The prices go down.

You can easily get a Kurti, a Saree or an Anarkali Dress under 10$. In selected market areas of India, simple traditional saree rates start as low as 0.5$.  It sounds cheap for traditional wear, right? Don’t worry you won’t be compromising on the tradition quality. Indian craftsmanship and textiles, though have seen an increase in prize lately, are being sold cheaply on Indian E-commerce websites or in their markets. You may

2. African Prints

African traditional dresses are considered to be the most colorful and pompous of all the traditional wear. they are said to have been representing their rich and green culture. African jewelry and African style embroidered clothes may turn out to be expensive, but the African prints have not yet reached the peak.

African block prints and Batik prints are one of them. As an emerging business and fashion trend, they are now available easily online. Cheap Dashiki dresses and tops are also trending in the African fashion domain. An average Dashiki dress costs about $30-40.

3. Arabian Gowns

Arab has been known for its sparkling and detail-oriented embroidery in women garments. Their prices go up-to millions if some extra-ordinary material and craftsmanship are used. But these are extremely royal.

Looking at them, you may also want to own them for that royal party you have been looking forward to. Then there is one more thing you should know about them. This Arabian fashion has been adopted at many locations worldwide and is been produced cheaply. It costs as low as $15. Also, it has been given a western touch to its design so you can use it at any party you like.

4. Roman Tunics

What cheaper than a tunic, right? You have been wearing different patterns and materials of tunics for a long time, but have you ever thought how these tunics came directly from the Roman fashion to your wardrobe? You wouldn’t have thought, because the transition was so smooth and tunics fit into the western world so swiftly that you wouldn’t have even noticed.

The important part is tunics are originally not the casual loose tops that you wear. Tunics are originally traditional roman wear and if you explore online you would see that they make excellent traditional wear if bought in embroidered, traditionally printed or layered variants. Plus point – they are extremely cheap!

5. Hawaiian Clothing

Hawaiian traditional clothing may not seem like the traditional one, but you can always wear them or a holiday or leisure time! They are easily accessible in the markets and online.

Hawaiian print became famous many decades ago, so its market has reached the level where you can these dresses, shirts, and skirts at a very affordable price. You may agree to disagree that even though they have run so common, you always pick these up for chill vacay.

6. British Cardigans

This British Knitwear has to be in your wardrobe.  It is a warm sweater-like traditional. It has a very sophisticated look and matte-finished wool. It doesn’t look too gaudy or too simple. They are available for both, men and women.

These cardigans are cheap yet classy. You can wear them as formals or at home too. They are comfortable attire. If you want to look like a British Traditional you may go for checkered cardigans. They give you an English feel. An average British Cardigan costs a little bit higher than others on the list, i.e. $20-25.

7. Mexican Poncho

Mexican Ponchos are another valuable addition to the affordable traditional list. Ponchos cover the upper half and is considered a traditional Mexico cowboy outfit. This may sound a bit off for your fashion taste, but you know that everything traditional has been modernized for our convenience. Poncho has too.

Ponchos are now available in your western avatar and colors. You can wear them in casuals, formals or parties. An average Poncho costs $15-20.

Sanket Pawar
Sanket Pawar
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