Aesthetic homes: tell-tale signs your home needs a makeover update

Hazrat Inayat Khan was once quoted to say that some people look for a beautiful place, while others make a place beautiful.

In this regard, we, as homeowners, should endeavour to give our homes as much TLC as we can and ensure that it maintains its natural beauty and charm when we first bought it and moved in. However, much like anything else in the world, a home goes through the normal stages of wear and tear over the passage of time. As a result, homeowners would be compelled to make the necessary repairs and updates. Unfortunately, some homeowners are not quite as adept in identifying the signs as to whether their homes would need an aesthetic update (Newsflash: If your home is more than a decade old, it probably does).

Unbeknown to you, your home might be going through a stage wherein the interiors do not only look outdated and obsolete, but totally out of place with the modern updates you might have. If this is a problem you can relate to, you need to address it right away so that you can bring your house or condo unit to the next fulfilling phase. Here are some of the warning signs you should watch out for:

1) Popcorn ceilings

Modern ceilings are smooth and sleek. So, if your ceiling is anything but then there is definitely room for improvement. Start your home upgrade endeavours by removing the horrendous texture that is known to be popcorn ceilings. Get rid of all those bumps and blemishes that make your ceiling look like it has aged… and not gracefully so! Make your ceiling look fresh and smooth again by updating it.

2) Wall-to-wall carpeting

At one time, having a wall-to-wall carpeting might seem like a good idea. Unfortunately, this is one of the clear indicators of an outdated home–particularly if your shag is thinning around the corners or has some spots no amount of cleaning can get rid of. Instead of covering the entire floor in carpeting, consider giving it a contemporary update by replacing the shag with modern hardwood that can truly improve your home’s overall aesthetics. After all, much like a balding man should consider shaving off his entire head, you should probably think of getting rid of your carpeting as well.

3) Frumpy fixtures

Show some love to your home by giving it the fixture that it truly deserves. Instead of going for incredibly basic and discounted fixtures, save up for a splurge and add a little bling to your home. Ensure that the fixtures you choose are not too gaudy and are classic and timeless in such a way that you know it would not go out of style for years. It might be a bit of a splurge to spend on chandeliers and fancy fixtures, but sometimes, homes going through a mid-life crisis would just need a dash of outward flash and sparkle to feel alive again.

4) Dated appearance

If you have been using furniture and appliances that came with you when you first bought the home a decade ago, then it would be no wonder why your home looks aged and dated. Much like how a trip to the makeup store can drastically improve your overall appearance, so would a trip to the home depot in giving your home a fresh facade. Modernise the space and make it feel brand new once more by incorporating colour accents and various accessories.

5) Dull colour palette

More often than not, injecting a bit of colour into your interiors in the form of new painted walls would be all you need to bring life back into your homes. Spruce up your neutrals and greys and choose unexpected colours. You can do wonders with the space and make it feel invigoratingly new with a new palette. Do not be afraid to go bold and make a statement with your paint as sometimes, a daring move is all your home needs to come to life again.

Katheryn Gumba
Katheryn Gumba
Katheryn is a blogger and fashion enthusiast. She also loves to travel and explore new things. She is currently working as a junior copywriter.
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