5 Best Acupuncture in Wagga Wagga

Looking for Best Acupuncture in Wagga Wagga? Here is a list of the top Acupuncture in Wagga Wagga offering services like:

Sciatica, Arthritis, Respiratory and Cardiovascular Conditions, Joint, Neck, Shoulder and Back Pain, Tiredness, Irritable Bowel, Sleep Disturbances, Premenstrual Issues, Menstrual Troubles, Stress & Anxiety

The top Acupuncture in Wagga Wagga are:

  1. KODA Wellness Centre -specializes in gynaecological conditions & difficult to treat conditions

1. KODA Wellness Centre

KODA Wellness Centre


Website: www.koda.com.au
Phone: 1300 368 929
Address: 173 Lake Albert Road, Wagga Wagga, NSW 2650

Established in 2000, KODA Wellness Centre is one of the leading medical facilities in Wagga Wagga that offers acupuncture services. A natural therapy center that handles various health issues, they sure to provide the perfect treatment for their patients. Starting with a complete health analysis to determine the problem, they then provide the best care that will help the patient with their problem.

With a pool of highly qualified staff, you can be assured that you will receive the best treatment and care to nurse you back to your health. Offering services like stress reduction, sleep enhancement, fertility treatment, boosting of energy and facial rejuvenation, you can be sure that necessary care and treatment will be given to you and personalized according to your needs. Ensuring proper diagnosis and recommendation of the best treatment techniques, you can be sure that KODA will help you achieve good health and wellbeing.

Monica Turner
Monica Turner
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