5 ways of making online revenue using social media and web platforms

Several sources of online income generation methods exist in 2018 in terms of ad revenue or sales commission. Google Adsense is a very common way of earning money online, by just putting some ad code on your pages. Targeting the right audience make your ad campaigns more successful. Promoting Twitter or Facebook ads can bring you customers and at the same time convert them into potential lead sales.

There are lot of ways in which internet ads work. The common methods are (Cost per 1000 impressions) CPM and Cost per click (CPC). Most talented bloggers and website owners easily understand the way – advertising networks play. But the advertising technology is highly complex and the intricacies are difficult to predict.

Based upon user experience and contextual patterns ads are thrown towards visitors who are more likely to click such promotions. Affiliate marketing is another way you can earn money in a decent manner, provided your articles are very niche and oriented towards a particular product.

How to earn money from Pinterest platform?

Alushta Russia - June 8 2017: Man holding iPad Pro Space Gray with social Internet service Pinterest on the screen. iPad Pro was created and developed by the Apple inc.
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There is an interesting statistic, which says that 81% of Pinterest users are females. So if you are passionate of selling some boutique items, lady fashion ware, hair accessories, then Pinterest is the place to be.

You can earn money from Pinterest using affiliate links. When you post an image, you also leave your link on it and the pin. This drives people to your website which contains affiliate links. People click these link baits, buy something from it and you get a commission. Enjoy!

For this kind of program to work, you need to research the affiliate programs. You have to make sure which brands you need to promote and accordingly make the right pins that users are going to repin them. The Amazon Affiliate program, ShareaSale, Avangate are good sources of affiliate methods.

With majority of Pinterest user’s intention is to make product research and buy items, you can make money by selling products. Make the best photographs of product images in real-life like scenario. This will make Pinterest algorithm to put your pins in front of the needy people.

Instead of linking to blog, you can directly link your pin images to product pages. Make sure that the visitor can easily reach the buy-out page. Make them know that you are using any affiliate links or not.

You can also sell your services on Pinterest. It is a place which extends your content marketing. First you need to make Pinners believe that your site is worthy of content that they need. You need to like pin to blogs which have strong call to action (CTA). It could be an email list, download resource, eBooks, free software etc.

Pinterest influencers are people having a huge list of followers. Their pins generate lot of interest and also clicks. If you are one of them you can profit from such craziness.

Partner with big brands through group boards. Since you have large following and engagement, you bring traffic to these great companies. For example, if you are a technology expert and pin more of Apple products, you can contact them to promote their product on your account.

How to make money from Instagram images and videos?

make money from Instagram images and videos
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It has become one of the top social platforms in less than 7 years. The advantage with marketing people is they are committed to serve their audience with their right needs.

Just like in the previous social imaging platform, building the correct following list and selling a product is a great way of generating income. So you expect to earn $100 to $500 per week on Instagram by sharing your personal photos. But how? That is the big question!!

The following tips will summarize the methods of generating income from Instagram.

  • Learn from other Success stories
  • Invest low, make a brand and increase followers
  • Use flexible Ecommerce platform like Shopify
  • Dropshipping Business model
  • Knowledge power Ecommerce Shopping Apps Integration
  • Kill the Do’s and Dont’s
  • Expertize in Instagram Filters and Photography
  • Make Instagram profile for followers not bots
  • Create branded hashtags
  • Be creative in writing hashtags
  • Compelling captions are the key
  • Awesome contests that produce sales
  • Personal account promotion with Ads
  • Push your Services to the limit
  • Write reviews of Goods that Sell
  • Become a Social Media Consultant
  • Engagement is the key
  • Photos make money
  • Videos are the heart of Instagram

Methods to make decent income from Adsense

Google Adsense
Photo: PhotoMIX Ltd, Pexels

Learners, Bloggers, Beginners are all ready to earn their first cents from Adsense. Without any hesitation, it is one of the best platforms people can make money, small and big, in a huge way.

The methods employed by people range from writing content, making videos, Adwords advertisements and many others. But if you are getting the right traffic from big countries like US, UK, Europe, Middle-East there is no reason you can make money in thousands of dollars.

Only thing is you need to be consistent and constantly evolving in your Adsense strategy. That tips and tricks of 2014 won’t work in 2018. You may have to change the placements, colors and many others. In the current scenario, auto-ads, responsive ads, experiments have taken a place for proper optimization of Google Adsense ads.

The blocking category mechanism is another good way to optimize your Ads. This will make sure that highest percentage of Ad impressions are shown which will reverberate with high CPC ads.

The strategies which every Adsense publisher should implement in his blogging strategy:

  • Select well-paying niche
  • Always choose text, display & video ads
  • Optimize your posts for higher CTR (Click-through-rate)
  • Using software like Admiral to stop ad blocks
  • Link units play well
  • Custom channel to analyze the revenue
  • Serve add to the maximum
  • Above the fold ads pay well
  • Inside the Content ads have higher CTR
  • 336×280, Responsive, 160×600 ads do well
  • Follow standard Adsense policies
  • Ads in the forums section
  • Mobile ads are the next-future
  • Speed loading ads and images bring more revenue
  • Improve organic traffic
  • Learn Adsense success strategies from Facebook groups

Earn online income through Amazon affiliate program

Amazon affiliate program
Photo: Screenshot, affiliate-program.amazon.com

The biggest affiliate site to sell products and make lot of commissions is the Amazon program. In 2018, it has more than 14 countries (with local domains) which it sells different products in their language. It even includes Japan, France, Italy and many other countries.

The magic of this system is that with just one link, you can include your affiliate product. The link also can be connected to all the different countries in which Amazon operates. For example, if you are selling “wheelchair which is 5 feet in height” in United States. If the same product is available in UK also, you need not put a different link.

One single link will be sufficient for all the geographical regions.

The standards that have to be set and followed to make money from Amazon affiliate program:

1. Select the right niche
2. Create a beautiful blog with the right keywords
3. Search Amazon products that are in your circle
4. Write good reviews that people get attracted to
5. Make sure the products are worth the money
6. Mix a blend of small and high priced products
7. Check from time to time which brands sell well
8. Post unique content that produce visitors
9. Make use of Site Stripe to make affiliate product link easily
10. Amazon widgets are another great property

Indirect methods of getting revenue from Quora

Photo: Screenshot, quora.com

It has 200 million monthly users which makes it another great advertising platform. You can pose questions here and you get answers. The same strategy can be used to build up your marketing efforts.

For example, you are in the Finance industry and then you find a typical question about “Mutual Funds or Stock Market”. The number of views that an answer to such a question can be in million views. Since the platform is not limited to one answer and a person, many people can resolve the same question in different ways.

For example, yours is a online financial business who are selling stocks or funds, this is a great way to promote your product portfolios. You just give an enchanting answer that is reliable and useful to the target audience and leave a link to a good post on your site. That’s it! People who dwell further will go into your blog and reach for your products if they think it fits their needs.

Always try to answer a typical question in your niche at the earliest. Write a comprehensive answer that elongates to a few paragraphs. Also add a visual component such as video or pictures. As said before, leave a quick link which will be useful to the reader.

One user made a significant strands in building up his affiliate income through Quora. He was initially a voracious reader of questions and answers and did not do much about it. But being in the e-commerce industry for 8 years, he thought that he can make use of this platform for his daily income. So instead of linking to his blog, he swapped his past links with affiliate ones. He made a decent amount of money.

Some of the other important affiliate networks include:

  • Share-A-Sale
  • Rakuten
  • FlexOffers
  • Commission Junction

One can also leave a profile link which can useful to promote your blog or other service pages that you are good at. People not only look at answers but the person who answered it and their details. This could be a good way to promote a nice sales pitch.

Another important way to monetize Quora is leave a link to your Udemy courses. Once Quora visitors reach that target and share your course, it would be a double bonus of your marketing sales agenda.

Networking is another opportunity you can find only in Quora. Several big brand marketers give their answers on it. If you find the right person, who is in search of a talented person in their business, he will be eager to take you in. At least has the sense to call for an interview. It could be a Coca-Cola company executive or FlipKart associate.

Some other proficient ways of earning passive income could be

– Create YouTube channels and promote here
– Blogs of different niches
– Create HD photos and link to your Instagram or Pinterest pins
– Become a teacher of foreign language
– Sell your services like manual translation services
– Make profit from digital goods like MyThemeShop if you are a WordPress user.


No one ad sales marketing strategy will be the same for each person. If you want to make money online, you have to learn, implement, analyze and then take action. An affiliate making money in health niche may not be good at Tech niche. Similarly a blogger who made good Adsense income from automotive niche, may not get that much profit from Instagram.

At the end, you need patience and learn the new ways of earning online by reading constantly. Then spend some time on re-thinking and how you can tailor the same technique to the methods mentioned above.

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