4 signs your office AC needs servicing

Imagine coming to the office with a broken air conditioning system in the middle of the summer. An environment that is uncomfortably hot and humid is never conducive for working and these are pretty obvious signs that your air conditioner needs servicing.

However, not all signs that your air conditioning system requires maintenance or repair will be that apparent.

In this article, we will share with you some of the most common warning signs that you need to watch out for which indicate that your unit is not in prime condition.

#1 There is restricted flow of air

If you have noticed that your air conditioning system is not generating a significant amount of cold air or that the air that comes out of the unit is not circulating properly across the office, you should definitely need to have it inspected.

This issue can be brought about by several different issues such as a blocked duct or filters. You will only be able to uncover the real reason behind the poor airflow if you get your air conditioning system checked and serviced.

#2 There is excessive moisture around your air conditioner

When you notice the presence of excessive moisture around your air conditioning unit, you might have a serious problem of leaking refrigerant. So whenever there are some leaks, wet spots, or your air conditioner is dripping, it is highly recommended to contact a reliable HVAC technician who can check your air conditioning system.

By repairing these leaks as soon as possible, you will be able to ensure that you will get it back to its optimal cooling potential and guarantee that there is no excessive energy usage.

#3 Your air conditioning system produces strange noises

While it is pretty normal for your air conditioner to produce some strange sounds, it is time to have it serviced if you hear squeaking, grinding, rattling, or popping sounds while it is running.

Most of the time, these sounds don’t indicate that there are serious issues in your unit, a trained HVAC technician needs to inspect your air conditioner to find out what is the underlying issue and what needs to be done.

#4 You notice strange smells coming out of your air conditioner

It is important to emphasise that your air conditioning unit should not produce any odour. The purpose of this appliance is to cool your space; so if there are foul odours coming out of it, particularly a smell that resembles smoke, you should turn it off immediately and have it serviced as soon as you can. The reason behind this is that there can be a danger of fire.

How a trained HVAC technician can help

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Most offices are equipped with an air conditioning system, but not every single one owns a unit that is well-maintained. Just imagine letting your car stay in your garage for over half a year. You would of course have to get it checked out before using it at full speed for several months. The same is true for your air conditioning unit.

If your electricity expenses have been increasing, especially in the summer, one of the prime suspects that you should check is your air conditioner. One of the best ways to prevent excessive energy costs and fix lower cooling capacity is by having your air conditioning unit serviced or repaired.

An effectively running air conditioner, can make your electricity bills more reasonable and help you save money while maintaining a cool and comfortable working environment even throughout the summer season.

A trained HVAC technician can fix your air conditioning Sydney area to improve the efficiency and performance. Furthermore, it can also help reduce the risk of larger and more expensive repairs.

Don’t let your system break down – service it

It is recommended to have your air conditioning unit checked, serviced, and cleaned every year in order to maintain its optimal performance. Don’t ever wait for your air conditioning system to break down-schedule a reminder to have your system checked just like your dental appointment or annual medical check-up. By doing this, you will ensure smooth operation and that it will achieve peak levels of efficiency.

By keeping your eyes open for the four obvious signs that your office air conditioner needs servicing, you will not only be able to ensure that your work environment stays cool even with the summer heat, but will also help you save money on electricity bills.

Don’t wait until your air conditioning system fails, have it checked as soon as possible if you suspect that these signs are present. Contact your local HVAC technician to see how they can help improve your office air conditioner.

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