The top 10 ways to make your apartment seem larger

There are some ways to make a small area feel spacious. Here are ten style tips to help create a more significant feel.

#1 Flooring that flows

Too many flooring styles can make a room shrink to the eye. A singular flooring that flows between areas makes small rooms seem like they are one large space. Consider these options to make the room feel bigger:

  • Rugs: Round rugs are the best option for small spaces as they connect furniture but avoid more rectangular shapes in the room, also ensure the rug doesn’t finish under the sofa, this makes it look like things don’t fit in the room
  • Floorboards: the wider, the better, light colours for smaller rooms, and run timber towards the longest wall
  • Tiles: Large-format design with minimal grout lines

#2 Colouring

To make a room seem bigger and brighter, it’s best to use pale shades. By having light colours on the walls, natural light will reflect. Aim for a low contrast between various surfaces, and make the floor and walls similar tones.

Paint skirting boards and door trims in a slightly lighter shade than you have on the walls, this will make the surfaces recede creating a more open feel.

Not only does colouring have the ability to make a room appear larger, but it also has the ability to make your apartment feel more expensive without breaking the bank.

#3 Blinds and shades

Aim to cover any windows in a similar colour to the walls and hang curtains as high as possible so that they fall all the way to the floor. This will give an illusion of height in your small area.

If possible mount the curtain track to the ceiling as opposed to the wall and try to make it reach right across the room giving the appearance of a fabric wall.

#4 Mirrors

Use mirrors wherever possible (without creating a house of mirrors) as they will bounce sunlight around the room. Cover one wall in mirrors or have some oversized mirrors resting on the floor which is a more portable and changeable option. Try to ensure that your mirror placement reflects a window for extra light.

#5 Lamps

Opt for slim floor lamps that have the same finish for the base and shade. If they are floor lamps, choose ones with a small base to have minimal impact on the floorplan of the room.

#6 The fewer doors, the better

If you have internal doors that swing, get rid of them! You can even remove some cupboard doors if appropriate. Another option to eliminate things swinging around the room is sliding doors. Every centimetre of the room counts so reduce where possible.

#7 Shelving

There are two benefits to floor-to-ceiling shelving:

  1. It gives a sense of scale and height while drawing the eye upward
  2. It means even more storage, which you can never have too much of

Opt for a mixture of closed and open shelving as there are drawbacks to only using one kind. Only open shelving creates a sense of clutter, only closed takes all of the personality out of the room. It is also a good idea to put shelving in unexpected places like over a door or under the arm of the couch.

#8 Furniture

You need furniture, try not to be so minimalist that you are sitting on the floor! There are, however,  ways to approach furniture that save and create space.

Couch: Choose a couch that is on legs with low arms so that it doesn’t crowd the room

Table: Go for a round shaped table with a light or reflective tops (marble or glass)

Chairs: Ensure the legs sit under the seat and keep the backs low, so they don’t obstruct your view of the room.

Small tables: Avoid having a coffee table and opt for side tables instead

#9 Art

Absolutely fill your room with art, blank walls are horrible BUT consider the size of the piece and how it will affect the scale and proportion of the room. Big pieces are great but try to position them above the eyeline to create height and space. Mix up the size and materials, go for a collage wall with a big piece that has smaller works around it.

#10 Stuff

Your substantial collection of souvenir spoons may be your guilty pleasure, but it is cluttering up your room. It is good to have some things to give personality, but too much makes you seem like a hoarder.

Choose a few items and focus on their placement. Your aim is a balance between the display of your prized collection, and the spacious, calm room. Feel free to rotate, so everything gets its shot in the spotlight!

Apartment living is rising in popularity as property development continues to soar. People are opting for minimalism, the convenience of location, and fewer rooms to clean. However, for many, downsizing takes some getting used to as you acclimatise to a smaller space. Hopefully the above tips can make the difference!

Mike Smith
Mike Smith
Executive Editor at Best in Australia. Mike has spent over a decade covering news related to business leaders and entrepreneurs around Australia and across the world. You can contact Mike here.
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