3 Solid reasons why you need motorcycle riding pants

It really is surprising how many keen motorcyclists out there who, despite being willing to shell out plenty of cash on all the top-brand motorcycle safety gear like helmets, and jackets, are still somehow happy to go out on the road wearing a pair of casual jeans.

Those things may be comfy; but they’re not what you need when you’re out on the open road. You need something that’ll ensure a smooth ride and will protect you if the worst comes to the worst. Ordinary jeans do neither of those things.

Odds are, though, that you’ve come here because you’ve become aware of this, and you’re looking for some pointers for picking out the right pair of trousers for your next time on the road.

So here, we’ve included a few pointers for choosing your next pair of motorcycle pants – the sort that’ll help you discover that smooth and safe ride which you deserve.

The right fit

Okay, yeah, you’ve got to give up your comfy clothing for when you take to the roads on your bike; but that hardly means you need to give up comfy trousers in general.

In fact, it’s pretty essential to ensure that everything you’re wearing on your rides is comfy, to ensure your focus on handling your bike; and your riding pants are no exception to this.

Like with all your other gear, it’s important to be sure, when you pick it out, that it fits you as well as it can. Too tight or too lose, and it’ll distract you on the road, and likely be way less effective in keeping you physically safe if the worst does occur.

The right material

Really, when it comes to picking out those motorcycle pants, you can operate on many of the same principles that you used to pick your jacket.

And of course, when you’re picking a motorcycle jacket, one of the first things you consider is what material it’s made of.

Up until a few decades ago, most pants coverings for motorcyclists were made of leather. In fact, if you’re one of the more serious motorcyclists out there, leather is probably still your best bet – you can’t beat the real thing for protectiveness.

But for more casual biking, you can also seek out trousers with more synthetic sorts of padding – Kevlar and the like. These offer a similar level of protectiveness, while also being lighter in weight, and usually cheaper.

The point, though, is that when it comes to motorcycling, denim just won’t cut it.

The right features

Like many motorcycling products, motorcycle pants come with a variety of accessories and features – and it’s largely up to you to pick out which ones are best suited to your particular needs.

And really, even the smallest things can affect your riding. For instance, how many pockets do the trousers have? How secure are they, and how deep? Are they sufficient for keeping everything you’d normally take on a motorcycle ride, without getting distracting or uncomfortable?

And then there’s what holds the trousers up. Is it a belt, or suspenders, or perhaps buttons or Velcro? Which of these feels the most comfortable to you when seated on your bike? Be sure to consider this when picking out the pants.

There’s other things, too, like whether the pants are waterproof, how weather-resistant they are, whether they have clips or zippers…and all of these, depending on how awkward or comfortable you find them, can seriously change your riding style for better or worse. Be sure to give them some thought.

It’ll likely suck having to give up your usual pair of motorcycle jeans; but trust us, it’s for the good of you and your riding experience. Consider our points, and when you have time, head out to try on some new riding pants – ones that’ll really complete your riding ensemble as well as keep you safer when you ride.

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